Our bathroom is no different than anyone else's. This is where we keep the humorous reading material. If it ain't funny the location lends itself to instant recycling. We practice ecological kindness, if nothing else.

You will find the following parodies here. Location tends to influence our selections so we are very heavy on Tom Lehrer, but basically anyone and anything is fair game. Why should our parodies be any different?

By Godiva
Voices in Your Cranium

The Horsemen in Your Neighborhood

Pelka Polka

Whacking our Richie After Dark

Whatever Became of Methos?

So Long,Mom

Immortal Brotherhood Week

It Makes a Fellow Proud to be Immortal

The Quickening Rag

By Others

What can we say? Kronos is a very inspiring guy

Leather Clad Man

End of Time

Bad, Bad Leather Lad

If I Only Had a Heart

The End of Time

Be a Horseman

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Leather Clad and All

You're Not a Horseman Anymore

The Horsemen Have Come Back

End of Time-Into Our Hearts

Why the Horsemen Broke Up

Your Head Will Stay On

The Sound of Hoofbeats

Kronos Summer Blah Sound

Presenting a complete Bronze Age Musical for your singing pleasure:

My Blue Horseman

Please remember to flush.

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