Whacking Our Richie After Dark

(sung to the tune of "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer)



Bring the beer, a-buh-ring the beer.

Eat some twinkies, but save the cheer.

Viewing the worst episode of the year is in store.

Oh lord, What a bore, I abhor!.

There is nothing that makes this a treat for me.

It wrenches a blood-curt'ling screech from me.



Ahriman's eyes glow red

With each immortal head

As Mac whacks at his student after dark.

At the racetrack we gaze

Through the fog and the haze

As Mac whacks at his student after dark.



Midst Kronos and Horton we know this is fantasy

But Scotsmen are slower thus Richie's in jeopardy.

While the moon casts it's glow,

Through the fog we must know

If Mac whacks at his student after dark.



Mac's gained notoriety

And caused much anxiety.

And AC's Society

Casts it's blame.

We call it impiety,

And lack of propriety,

Call him a variety

Of unpleasant names.

But does it not violate canon

To behead with quite such abandon?



Don't you watch the "A" arc

Or you may go and barf

When Mac whacks at his student after dark.

Here's praying he'll do

In a Donna or two,

After whacking his student after dark.



He'll murder poor Richie midst laughter and merriment.

While we in denial think it is all excrement.

Our pulses are sickening

Just viewing the quickening

Of whacking our muffin

(It didn't happen!)

Of whacking our Richie after dark.


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