Dedicated to my hero Big John, just wish I could sing it to ya' personally good buddy.

The Pelka Polka

(sung to the tune of The Beer Barrel Polka)


First a demon who is steamin'

He just wants to dis our hero.

Make him out to be a zero

So he's showin' eyes a-glowin'.


Add a red mist, fog to dismiss

Our reality to doubtin'.

Leave our hero's empty shoutin'

To his sidekick's disbelief.


For the Pelka Polka's on its way.

It's re-run relief, so don't delay.

Just grab a partner, cross the floor.

With demon Ahrimans galore.


Do the Pelka Polka, don't delay.

We'd add Richie if we had our way.

A new buff Horton we expect

in season six, so what the heck?


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