Whatever became of Methos?

(sung to the tune "Whatever Became of Hubert?" by Tom Lehrer



Whatever became of Methos?

Does anyone have a clue?

Once he guzzled Mac's beer,

Now we've searched far and near,

But no Methos for us to view.


Once a fiery rampaging Horseman,

Now the credits are our only source, and

We're tired of show after show

Awaiting his countenance's glow.


"We must protest this treatment, Methos"

Says each wife and the harem.

"If it will get your spin-off rolling,

We will take arms and scare-em."


(Sorry about that)


Whatever became of Methos?

We miss you, so tell us true.

Are you mad? Do you thirst ? Tell us which brand is worst.

We will offer your favorite brew.


Does Richie, recalling the whole racetrack scene,

Say, "He'll do unto you like he did unto me"?

Do you dream about taking a head?

Oh, Methos, we know you're not dead!


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