The Horseman Have Come Back

sung to "The Animaniacs" theme song

by Cori


The Horsemen have come back

And they'll seal their lifelong pact

So just sit back and relax

You'll scream til you collapse

The Horseman have come back


Meet Kronos, the original brother

who will rule the universe

Methos, the clever planner

who will wipe out the accursed

Silas fights with Caspian

It almost seems rehearsed


Their plot descript

The enemy whipped

To rule all will be a first


The Horsemen have come back

with their usual grace and tact

They're crazy, that's a fact

But they have got the knack


The Horseman are zany

Totally insane-y

(Methos): "but I'm the brainy"


The Horsemen have come back

Those are the facts!


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