Immortal Brotherhood Week

(sung to the tune of "National Brotherhood Week" by Tom Lehrer)


Oh the Watchers hate the Hunters,

And the Hunters hate the Immies

And the Immies hate the K'Immies

And everyone hates CassieHo.


But during Immortal Brotherhood Week,

Immortal Brotherhood Week,

Kronos, Caspian and Silas turn the other cheek

Exploring feeling warm.

Male-bonding is the norm

And Methos paints their derrieres all blue!


Oh the newbies hate the oldsters

And the oldsters hate the newbies

And Denial hates the Arc folk

But everybody hates "The Zone".


But during Forum Brotherhood Week,

Forum Brotherhood Week,

Crom comes back to us, Big John and Mary Ellen speak,

The Forum flames die out,

"Rejoice!" Denial shouts

And no one minds a forum full of Frus.


Cheap beer for Adam Pierson

And fine wine for our hero

(For bad whine, Dr. Anne-time)

And everybody drinks at Joe's.


But during Immortal Brotherhood Week,

Immortal Brotherhood Week,

Adam Pierson buys the beer although the brand is cheap.

The taste you may despise,

He won't apologize.

Be grateful that he's picking up the tab!

(The last three episodes won't be so bad!)


My thanks to Astrochick MacFru for the giving me the first verse.


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