sung to the tune of "You don't love me anymore" by Weird Al Yankovic

by Bright girl 



We've been pillaging for so long

But the years have passed us and something went wrong

Seems you don't want me around

The killing is done and all you give me's a frown


I guess I was wrong when I gave you a choice

Coz you answered me with deceit in your voice

You used to think I was cool

Now you tell all your friends that I'm just a big fool


Oh why did you stop me from killing Duncan MacLeod?

That kind of thing is hard to ignore

Got a funny feeling you're not a Horseman anymore


I knew we were having problems when

You saved Cassandra from getting whacked up again

You betrayed me and lied

Oh Methos, I'm begging

Won't you let us Horsemen ride


You know I even think it's kinda cruel the way

You'd help poison the city just a little each day

I still remember the way you sounded

When you told that witch, to serve you or she's dead


Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what do you have against Silas?

Pointing your Ivanhoe at him.

Sometimes I got to thinking you're not a Horseman anymore.


You killed a brother, now how do you feel?

Well, my scars are all healing but ONE never will

You broke my heart in two

When you don't wear a mask and your face ain't blue


Oh you think I'm crazy, I don't give a *bleep*

You'd probably kill me if I was asleep

You'd want to chop off my head

And I bet you pray every night and wish me for dead


Oh you know this really isn't like you at all

You never acted this way before

Methos, something tells me you're

Not a Horseman anymore, oh no no

Got a funny feeling, you're not a Horseman anymore


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