Posted by Bright Girl on June 12, 1998 at 01:11:21



sung to the tune of: Sound Of Music


The village is filled

With the sound of hoofbeats

(aahhhh ahh ah ahhhhhh)

And CassieHo's screams

Ain't coz she chipped a nail

(aahhh ahh ah ahhhhh)


The voices rang loud

Through the sound of hoofbeats

And I know, we'll ride again


My hands want to grab

And to choke the necks

Of those who will disobey (disobey!)

My sword wants to thrust and to swing

At aaallll

Who ever thinks I am gay


To stab at each heart and twist until

Their pupils dilate (they'll dilate)

To growl, grunt and snarl

Like a boy who's being potty trained


We Horsemen are real

We're the Evilest Evil

(aaahhh ahh ah ahhhhhh)

Don't dare diss our hair

Tho it's so diseheveld!

(aaahhh ahh ah ahhhhhh)


More heads will be chopped

At the sound of hoofbeats

And I'm suuurree .. it's YOURS!


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