by Dannell

Tune: "The Invalides"



Oh, I am called the End Of Time

And Kronos is my name

And while my steel controls the field

Then I can hack and maim!


We've all been touched by Immie blood - We are the Four Horsemen!

And whether on or off the field you can tell where I've been!

One warning I should give to all; now please hear what I say

Unless you are an Immie too, best not get in my way!!




Our ranks are filled with Immortals, the rest are cannon fodder

And as for socials graces well, I never have to bother

For in this current Bronze Age now, I'm ruler and not servant

And if you cannot ever die who needs to be observant?




I'm proud of being murderous, my manners are alarming

But when your swords as strong as mine why bother being charming??

If someone dares to criticize in word or deed or song

I seek him out and when they're found I whack them, then they're gone!




If an Immie rises in the field to challenge my control

He doesn't worry me a bit, however brave or bold

Oh, Immies don't remain a threat, he'll not create a fuss

I'll just arrange to take his head ...

Or make him one of us!




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