It Makes a Fellow Proud to be Immortal!

(sung to the tune of "It Makes a Fellow Proud to be a Soldier" by Tom Lehrer")


The head of every evil K'immie fears potential whacks,

For the Scotsman who will save the world is sharpening the axe.

In preparation for the end of season six when he,

A big screen pic of Highlander he'll make for you and me.


Now Richie tries with all his might The Only One to be.

He wants to fight, behead and kill for immortality.

But Duncan put an end to that,

With AAA and all that crap,

It makes a fellow proud to be immortal!


Amanda has a history of stealing others' stuff.

She's says she's quit, though Santa knows it's all a bunch of fluff.

She says "Only in a Blue Moon"

But still she stole the Stone of Scone.

It makes a fellow proud to be immortal!


After Kronos fled the priests that bound him, he

Was a K'Immie who would be The Only One.

Towards that goal (that we all dreaded)

He was going when he beheaded

A Good Humor man, an usher, and a nun.


Now for our intellectual,(brings a book to Kamelot)

There's Methos, the philosopher, a killer he is not.

He says that he has really changed

And that his brother is deranged.

It makes a fellow proud to be immortal!


Now Silas would have flunked a grade if there had been a school.

He's sensitive about it, so don't say that he's a fool

A monkey lover truth to tell

He treats his brothers very well.

It makes a fellow proud to be immortal!


Our Caspian's taste buds we would hope could be improved.

His savory collations we all wish were twice removed.

He knows the choice of White or Red

Of wine to go with rodent-dead.

It makes a fellow proud to be immortal!


Our CassieHo is the down and dirty type.

Played with young teen Scot boys just for kicks.

It is written in the book

She won't get a second look,

When our Duncan sees the Butt-Kicking Chicks.


Our Duncan has a handicap to cope with, sad to tell.

He's from Scotland, and he doesn't speak the language very well.

He used to be, so rumor has, the Champion and all that jazz.

It makes a fellow proud to be,

At Cons there is a crowd to be,

We wish we were allowed to be

Immortal. (Duck!)


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