Bad, Bad Leather Lad

Posted by Jax MacParody

Sung to the tune of "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce


Well beyond the moat and minefields

Stands the Kompound tall and fine

And if you go down there

Dust bunnies beware of a

Man called the End Of Time.

Now Kronos, more than trouble

Pushing the vacuum across the floor

Godiva calls him her Leather Lover

The Boys just call him Sir.



It's bad, bad Leather Lad

Vacuuming up the whole d@mn pad

Always has that Kirby on

Constantly humming a song.


Now Kronos, he's a clean man

And he lives in the vacuum zone

And he likes to run dust bunnies down

Wherever they may roam.

He's got a custom Kirby upright,

A Hoover portable, too

He got a Dirt Devil hanging on his belt,

And a Dust Buster back up, too




Well, in Paris 'bout two years ago,

Kronos thinking twice.

Thought he needed some elbow room

And didn't the whole d@mn world look nice?

Well he set his plans in motion,

But Cimoli was close at hand.

And Leather Lad learned a lesson about messin'

With the contents of a Chef-Boy-Ardee can!




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