For those of you who are new to the forum or don't visit that often and don't know what 's going on in my (and now others- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but keep your hands off Leather Lad) parenthesis, here is an explanation by way of some re-posts.

-Godiva (Well, people *have* been asking, dear)

Someone posted after one of my "clad in nothing but a skate key ' parenthesis "Must be cold wearing nothing but a skate key" and TunaTroll replied "Depends on who's wearing the skates". That's when I started having the imaginary one-sided conversations. I did it for a few days to see if anyone would notice. They did. And now it's a running gag. And now voices are appearing in other peoples heads ... TrollPrincess has Richie, ACMacFru has been hearing Horton lately, Cimoli himself and his beachball of evil still reside in Big John's basement. Amanda has appeared in Wildcard's head, hope he has his marbles under lock and key. Duncan - appears to be on a time share basis between Katana-girl, Brigit and Casilda who have worked out a equitable schedule with Sunday's off for good behavior, or bad behavior or just to rest up. Guin now has Connor, Methos is with Bright Girl. She seems to do quite well keeping track of him but Methos, it seems, tends to appear in various ladies heads at various times. I always felt those 'goody goody' immortals were too promiscuous by half!

It has been determined that four of the five voices in my head are horsemen. We're not sure of the fifth. It's definitely not Barney, Elmo or Ralph Nader. Still in the running are Judith Krantz, Danielle Steele, Jackie Collins and El Niño. Since Methos now resides in Bright Girl's head, I only hear Ol' Big Nose on poker nights. Flounder the Brave was feeling rather maternal one day and Melvin was in need of a place to store some Klone prototypes, hence she became mother to the "boys". Unbeknownst her her she's got Melvin's pre-Tommy Lee Jones Klones in the form of Caspian and Silas dopplegangers. The tantrums, preschool mentality and footed sleepers would have been a dead giveaway, except we're talking Caspian and Silas here. Who could tell? Caspian is actually with Raeve now (has been for years) and Silas has recently relocated to In Loco(mentis)'s Cranium after an extended stay in the Kompound Kennel. The kanines are much relieved to get their food bowls back. Mazeltov! Consone has be given over to Riot as a consolation prize. [insert suppressed maniacal laughter here.] So it's mostly me and Mr. K. Life is tough.

Lately a doppleganger of Mel Gibson in his Lethal Weapon 1 and Conspiracy Theory incarnations has taken up residence in Galatea's head. He is fixated on green olives but so far has protected her from Tommy Lee Jones clones, duct tape and green pez. I understand they may be spending the holidays in Paraguay. And Valentine the badger (a gift from Melvin) has recently returned to spend quality time with Melvin and Big G.

Who A.J.Mosby is currently speaking to is still unknown.

Lately, Wildcard's head seems to have become a bed and breakfast for 'demons-are-us' including Morty and Ahriman. Talk to him about it if he can hear you through the din.

Thank you for respecting Mr. K's wishes. Every day in every way he's getting better and better. We're down to only two viewings of "Mr. Mom" each day. I'm hoping eventually to rehabilitate him back to his old self. But it is a long process. That incarceration by The Immortal Cimoli did take it's toll.

The Resurrection of Leather Lad

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