Halloween will never be the same.

Top Ten Reasons NOT to take the K and the boys Trick or Treating....

Posted by Cori (stop wiggling! SEE! I told you pins hurt!) on Tuesday, 28 September 1999, at 10:36 a.m.


10. "Trick or Beer" coming out of Methos' mouth just won't get the best goodies.

9. Bobbing for apples at the neighbor's party could become bobbing for heads.

8. Neighborhood pets are not considered treats no matter what Silas says!

7. If they see a headless horseman, a complete production of destruction will ensue.

6. Caspian, children in fuzzy costumes- bad combination.

5. Blue painted faces and butts do not count as costumes.

4. Toilet paper and silly string are NOTHING compared to what K and the boys will do if they get apples!

3. Clothing optional is not a great idea in the middle of October and the neighbors surely will not appreciate the homage to Godiva and her story.

2. "It's all MINE!" Need I say more?

1. The End of Time does NOT wear costumes!

Happy Tuesday.


(getting her costume ready for gallivanting through Salem, MA on Samhain)


Last Halloween with the Gang . . .

Posted by TunaTroll on Tuesday, 28 September 1999, at 12:50 p.m.


ahhh . . . the memories . . .

Caspian eating the jack o'lanterns (candles and all).

Methos insisting that his "just a guy" persona WAS a costume.

Kronos getting that "Dum Dum" lollipop at the Williams' house.

The impromptu marshmallow roast when the Williams house mysteriously caught fire.

Silas' giant teddy bear costume.

The Fish and Game Patrol and their valiant efforts to capture Silas and return him to the wild.

Kilt-clad Duncan being chased up and down the block by women calling themselves the *Blue Ribbon Brigade*.

Richie's Fifth Horseman costume.

The Boys trying to change it to a Headless Horseman costume.

The subsequent tarring and feathering of The Boys, courtesy of the Clan Denial.

Amanda's unique method of trick or treating - involving a second story window entry.

The usual laugh-a-minute police line up that takes place on every major holiday these guys celebrate.


(inspired by Cori - Top Ten Fiend)

*snicker* You forgot to mention....

Posted by MacK MW on Tuesday, 28 September 1999, at 1:10 p.m.


Silas - still in his teddy bear costume - standing in the pumpkin patch and serenading the Great Pumpkin at the top of his not-inconsiderable lungs!

(The neighbors are STILL in shock!)

And well done, Fishie! I can't stop giggling.... *wink*


With the gang, the officer, the jailor, the bail bondsman.....

Posted by Cori on Tuesday, 28 September 1999, at 1:29 p.m.


Lest we forget the nekkid revelries in front of the Williams' flaming abode....

I wonder what adventures will befall us this year.......


(vigorously sewing)


I remember . . .

Posted by TunaTroll on Tuesday, 28 September 1999, at 1:15 p.m.


poor Silas was heartbroken that the Great Pumpkin never showed.

Too bad about that Linus kid.

*Bad, Caspian! BAD!*



Top Ten Things NOT to give K and the Boys when they Trick or Treat

 Posted by Cori on Wednesday, 20 October 1999, at 9:05 a.m.


10. Anything with marshmellow (have you ever tried to get that out of hair?)

9. Popcorn balls (they end up strategically placed)

8. Rice krispie treats (they can be molded into shapes VERY similar to popcorn balls)

7. Left over peeps from Easter (there were enough disasters with them at Easter, the microwave still isn't fixed at the Kompound)

6. Anything colored other than blue. (better be separating all the blue M&M's out of the bags now before the end of time arrives)

5. Fruit (are you nuts?)

4. Nuts (see fruit)

3. Raisenettes (no one trusts anyone with Raisenettes anymore, after what the badger and Melvin did)

2. Green pez (self-explanatory)

1. Money for UNICEF (unless it's in BIG bills, then K will consider it.... for a WORTHY charity, what? no I don't know the number for the chemical lab, why do you ask?)

Hooray for Halloween! Cori



Posted by Tuna on Wednesday, 20 October 1999, at 12:57 p.m.






TOOnAh??? TOOOnAH!!!

Posted by Baj'r on Wednesday, 20 October 1999, at 3:20 p.m.


me gotz canny for u. MadE it misef.


Guuud canny!



Top Ten Things NOT to give Melvin and the Badger when they Trick or Treat

Posted by Not Galatea. Nope. She's in Paraguay for the foilage.... on Wednesday, 20 October 1999, at 3:18 p.m.


(10) Anything that explodes or could be made to explode or which looks like it could be made to explode or which might have exploded in another life.

(9) Excessive liquids. It might lead to a resurgence of Melvin's Pagan Ritual Worship of the neighbor's shrubbery. We just got the neighborhood watch to stop patrolling past our house every 15 minutes.

(8) Raisinettes. Payback is a female dog. Need I say more?

(7) Green Pez. Leads to crying, sniveling, and nose biting. And that's just Melvin!

(6) Pencils. Especially sharpened pencils. It brings back traumatic memories. For all three of us.

(5) Anything that professes to melt aluminum foil. Melvin is unstable enough as it is. I don't want him curled in a fetal ball in the back of a closet. Unless there is whipped cream and olives involved.

(4) Tommy Lee Jones clones. There are enough in the basement already. And the kennels haven't been cleaned in weeks. The Culligan Man is starting to complain about the smell.

(3) Chest hairs, toenail clippings, eyes of newt, or bat wings. Melvin and the badger are reading a book of spells and I don't need any imps of Satan released into my basement. God knows, I've trouble enough as it is.

(2) Chocolate covered Olive Tongues. Not only are they nasty, they also stick to the ceiling when flung up there by rambunctious recipients. And it is NO FUN to scrape them off in order that aforementioned recipients can take their turn on the ceiling!

(1) The address to your domicile. Trust me. On Halloween night, you don't want Melvin and the badger and possibly Socks the first Cat (if he can sneak out of the house after stealing the ignition key for Airforce One), full of beer and olives, to show up on your doorstep, asking to see your houseplants! Don't ask. You don't want to know!!!! (I will, however, plant the mental image of a hacked up hairball containing cat hair and masticated olive particles into your mind for your subconscious to work on!)


Back to Paraguay for me!

Love and kisses,

Not She Who Must Be Obeyed but NOT LIcked

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