Krismas at the Kompound 1999


Up at the crack of bones this morning. Leftover chicken from last night. Who eats cold fried chicken for breakfast? Soon we commenced the ripping of the paper. I had to occasionally remind him that the point of the exercise was to open the box and see what was inside. At any rate, thanks to all for the many gifts and to TunaTroll for taking him shopping. I know that was an experience not soon forgotten.


The Haul:



one "Mr. Mom" director's cut video from TunaTroll -Thank you, sweetie. (thanx. K.)

one "Mr. Mom" widescreen, dolby surroundsound - Galatea -Thank you and Melvin (thankx K.)

one "Mr. Mom" on DVD. We're putting this one away for emergennnnccci. (Thank me later, dear)

one jar of Jumbo Olives from Melvin. Thank you, pet. (huh? k.)

Various garments of leather from meeeeeee. (Stop it! Later) His keep disappearing. But we have a hot lead on the missing armor. That stuff is expensive to replace. All custom, you know.


I suppose now that the day has progressed I can divulge our gifts.

Since Galatea is off-line for a few days, we gave her the complete Mel Gibson video library. And a box of tinsel. You can guess who gave what. Melvin got some night vision goggles, just like James Bond. And a box of tinsel.

For Silas: one of those mechanical monkeys that squats and plays the cymbals and if you hit his head he shrieks.

For Raeve: "Raising a New Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete. And no, standing on the book is *not* considered holy ground.

And of course, for Caspian, renewal of his membership in the "Rodent a Month" club.

TunaTroll? Did you like our gift? And many thanks for taking the ol' End of Time shopping. He really came through didn't he?

As for me?

I love the pearl studs. I have never seen pearls so black. (Did you pick them out all by yourself, dear?) He *says* he picked them out himself. And who are we to contradict him? And the necklace is lovely. The pendant hangs right down has a nice long chain. (Really? I never would have guessed.) He picked that out too? Well, I told you he can be surprising. Ooops, gotta run. He's showing the Director's cut of Mr. Mom again.

I wonder if In Loco got her gift certificate, good at any hospital, for a free lobotomy? Use it in good mental health. Oh,yes. And a box of tinsel.

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