Kronos Kroquet...a top ten round robin.

Posted by Godiva on Saturday, 6 June 1998, at 1:22 p.m.


Think of that old standard Croquet. Now add the four horseman and a forumlander of two. Sorta like polo without the horses.

Poor Silas would never whack anyone's ball and tear up if his was whacked. Caspian on the other hand would spend the whole game doing nothing *but* whacking everyone's ball without any regard to advancing or trying to win.

So now you have it. We need new rule! I'll start you off. (Consult the Kompound for background information on the chief players.)


1. The unwritten rule. NO ONE WHACKS K'S BALL INTO THE MIDDLE OF NEXT WEEK. Not if you know what's good for your head and want to keep is where God intended it to stay.

2. Forget the white duds. Everyone wears black leather.

OK. Now it's your turn.

Regarding: Kronos Kroquet...a top ten round robin. tikasmom MacWoW

Well of course there's the rule...Guinevere W. MacWench

Okay, my turn...MacKinney MacWench

In case things DO happen to slow down....Mistress Rose MacWench

My turn! hmmmmm...TunaTroll

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