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"Do the words compulsive obsessive mean anything to you?" - Methos

What's the point of yet another Highlander Links page?

If you want the full story of how Quink's Links came to be, go to the History of Quink's Links. Basically, I wanted to create what I couldn't find when I first discovered Highlander on the web... a site that linked to nearly every type of Highlander page out there. I also wanted a page that wouldn't turn into a graveyard of dead links, so I've spent a lot of time carefully going through each site I visit and making frequent checks of the links I have.

How do I find a site here?

There's two ways. If you're just browsing, go to the category of link you want and visit any of the ones listed there. If you know of a specific site you want to visit, find it in one of the categories or visit the index.

What if the site I want isn't listed?

If there's a site you need the address and you can't find it or remember the name of it, email me and I'll do my best to find it for you. If you know of a site that I don't have listed, send me the URL and I'll contact the webmaster for permission to add it.

What if the link isn't working?

I try my best to keep my site up to date.... if a page has moved, I'll change the link or remove it as soon as I can. If you find a link that isn't working, please let me know and I'll take care of it. After all, there's nothing worse than a link graveyard.

What about the categories?

Right now I have over a hundred different link categories devided into13 sections. Sites can be listed in more than one category, so you never have to worry about your site being classed as only a fanfic site or only a site with pictures. I think each site has several things to offer, and I try to direct people to it in as many ways as I can. The categories themselves are:

 Actors: These are sites which have something to do with an actor from Highlander... everything from fan clubs to short bios. All the major actors have serveral sites with info on them, but many of the guest actors also have great pages.

Adult: This is a seperate writing links page meant for sites with adult content. If you're specifically looking for slash or otherwise adult rated stuff, this is the place to go.

Characters: Sites that have something to do with a character of the show. Are you a Richie fan and want to find more sites about him? These sites contain everything from pictures to fanfic. There are also plenty of links to guest characters, even if they only lasted one episode

Clans and Groups: This was one of the most confusing aspects of Highlander fandom when I first got into it. I saw all of these people who had MacSomething on the end of their handles, and I had no idea where it came from. I asked the clan leaders to send me a short description of their clans so people can get a good idea of what they're about.

Conventions: Past and Future. I have links to sites with information on upcoming conventions (you wern't doing anything with that vacation time eight months from now, were you?) and reports and photos from previous cons.

Forums: One of the greatest joys I've had from this fandom has been talking with other fans. I got hooked on the Rysher forum when I first started, and since then I've discovered several other HL related forums.

Fun Stuff: This could easily have been called 'Miscellaneous', but Fun Stuff sounded better. These are the odds and ends of Highlander that make you smile. I have jokes, top tens, adoptions, recipes, and more. Where else can you kiss the horsemen?

Information: This is another 'Miscellaneous' category. There's links to information about Highlander canon, the shows and movies. I also have the official sites if you're looking for the truth (Not that they always agree with each other) and starting points if something in Highlander has sparked your interest.

Quotes: I moved this one around different categories for a while before giving up and giving it its own page. I know I've gone looking for that perfect HL quote more than once.

Reviews and Summaries: Sometimes there's nothing I enjoy more than finding out what other people thought of the episodes. If you're not up for personal views, there's plenty of episode summaries that tell you what you missed when you didn't set the VCR last night.

Sights: aka Frus. This is one of the things people look for the most. You want that one picture of Duncan, but you don't know where to find it... or maybe you just want some good pics of Methos. Start browsing... there's a lot of them.

Sounds: Audio frus :-) Now you can listen to the horseman speach over and over and over and over.....

Writings: There's so much fanfic out there, that it's hard to find it all. This has links to sites with stories on them as well as links to the major archives.

Webrings: You want more links? Hop on a webring. These will take you to tons of other great highlander sites that are out there.

So, how do I get my site listed??

Just fill in the form and I'll add you. No, I don't have the big monster form anymore, so you don't have to worry about that.... but please send me any special instructions you might have. How you want your site listed is up to you. If you have fanfic on your page and you don't want it listed under 'Writings' please let me know. If you want different parts of your site listed seperatly, submit them seperatly.

Do you only list Highlander: The Series sites?

Nope. I'll take any Highlander related sites I can get... That includes the series, Highlander: The Raven, all three (Soon to be four) movies, and even the Animated series. And not just TV... There's novels, games and many other things out there.... as long as it has something to do with Highlander or one of the actors, it's good. I only have one site that's not HL related, and it belongs to a family member. Can you find it?

Is it automatic? How long does it take?

This is not a free-for-all links site. When I get a link in my mailbox, I visit every part of the site to see what it has. Because I go through each one, sometimes it can take a while for me to get it up on the site. When I do, you'll get an email.

Then what?

It's best to go to the Index and check on your site. While I do the best I can, no one knows a site like the person who runs it. Sometimes I goof up, so if you think I've listed your site where it doesn't belong or I've missed listing it where it does, let me know. It's also a good idea to sign up for my Mailing list so you know when I've made changes to the site. This doesn't go out that often, so I won't flood your mailbox.

So, what do you want in return?

I don't ask for anything, but I do appriciate a return link. This workes out well for you too... the more people see my site, the more likely they are to see yours. Mine is just a doorway :-) If you do feel like providing a return link, I have several graphics you can use if you want.

Do you ever link without permission?

Sometimes. I'll always try to get in touch with the webmaster first, but if I don't hear from them I'll add the site. Most of these sites are found through search engines or webrings anyway, so I figure they're fairly public. If you do see you site here and you don't want it linked, let me know and I'll have it off as fast as my little fingers can type.

Will you link to adult rated sites?

Yes. However, I'll only link to a site with adult content if there's some sort of warning. I also have a site for adult writing and mailing list links. Sites with adult content are still listed on other sections of my site, but the adult place is where you can go if you're specifically looking for that kind of stuff. There will be some fiction pages listed on both the adult and gen pages, so the warning rule still applies. And please, please, please don't write to me about how nasty slash is. If you don't like the stuff, don't read it!

How often do you make updates?

I'm constantly adding links. Every once in a while, I'll do a major overhaul and check all the links. I do randomly go through sites to see if they've made any changes, but if you do update your site it's best to let me know. That way you know your link will be up to date. Also, if you go to a site and you notice that the address has changed, let me know so I can update that.

What's the Quinkening?

'The Quinkening' is my personal page... it used to be bigger, but the links kind of took over. Right now it has some fanfic, some poetry and parodies, and 'The shot glass' which is basically all the other miscellaneous things I've done.

Is that it?

Yep. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to Email me.

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