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The Clan Ap Lloer - The Children of the Moon

Our lunar nature is primeval and unpredictable. In ancient times the blessed ones would dance beneath the starry skies and sing praise to the mother of our darker, softer nature. The blessed ones are those of us who are in touch with our lunar nature, those of us who are Insane. Sanity is a state of removal from what is natural. Insanity, or Lunacy, is the way we're meant to be.

The Clan MacBBGL - Protecting and Serving the Blue Boxer God...

...In his Undies. We're simply a clan who loves and admires the BBG. There's no rules or regulations except that we have to be nice to one another and all the BBGL's everywhere.

Clan MacBeta

Clan MacBeta is a growing group of betas available to beta fanfic (both HL-related or not). Most members also write fanfic as well. Other services in the Clan include story starters, reference links, and links to places that post fanfic. We also have a forum, and all that fun "clannish" stuff.

The Bronze age bunch Enterage - "It gives a new meaning to the term dream team!"

A clan dedicated to the preservation of Highlander: The Series, the Four Horsemen, and two of the most memorable Highlander episodes ever...Comes A Horseman and Revelations 6:8.

Castle MacChat

Like a phoenix rising, Castle MacChat is rebuilding on the ashes of Dwarfland. We offer fanfic (by Zargsnick & others), contests w/prizes, a Forum and lots more. The gates are always open and all travellers are welcome.

The Church of Darius - A place of refuge for all tired souls

All who seek peace and friendship are welcome in the Church of Darius. If you come only for a visit, then please visit our forum. If you wish to become a brother or a sister of the Church, then please do so.

Clan Dancers of the Dream - We help and encourage others

The mission of the Clan DotD is to build a caring community of support and encouragement for Clan members and friends. To share our love of HL in interesting, fun loving discussions. To broaden our horizons, encompassing both the cyber and real worlds as we strengthen the friendships we've created.

The Clan Denial - We're obsessed, not stupid!

Clan Denial is devoted to the premise that episode 666 (also known as Barfangel or Aaaackkangel) never happened, that Richie is out seeing the world and kicking butt, Duncan never wore beige, the barge has furniture, and midgets and musical Tupperware have no place in the HL universe.

Evil Duncan MacLeod - 'Ab Inferis Nullus Reditus' - There is No Redemption in Hell.

Fitzcairn Manor - Hugh Fitzcairn, of the neither here nor there!

Fitzcairn Manor is the ultimate Fitz page for any fitzonian. Home of the FFW.

The Clan MacFru - Forum Fru Fru Floozies forever!

The Clan MacFru is a fellowship dedicated to the appreciation of the Highlander characters, actors and our fellow fans. We celebrate the diversity of our members, friends and Highlander fandom by joining in a spirit of fun and friendship, always focusing on our common interest, never flaming, and gathering whenever and where ever possible....

Highlander Guardian Angels - Everyone needs a Guardian Angel...

Highlander Guardian Angels guide, protect, and occasionally intravene in the lives of both immortals and mortals. We, who live to serve, can always be found where least expected and are always around when needed

Kilt Denial - A Man in a Kilt is a Man and a Half

No, we don't deny the existance of kilts. In fact, we rather like kilts, but we do reject the notion that something has happened to the stunning Immortal hunk known as Connor Macleod.

The Clan MacLeod - Protectors of Duncan's body

Methos Addicts Public - We are addicted to Methos

Recovery? Who said anything about recovery? We are a group of people who must have Methos as a daily part of our lives. We are proud to be addicted...

Methos Boxer Brigade - Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

Once upon a time, in the distant past, there was an episode of Highlander: the Series called "Forgive Us Our Trespasses," wherein Methos answered the door clad only in a pair of cotton boxers snappily accessorised with an Ivanhoe broadsword. A few of us kinda went nuts. Now over 300 strong worldwide, the Boxer Brigade's interests include Peter Wingfield's other characters and series, member fiction, convention reports and extensive photo galleries.

The Methos Harem - Live, Love, Learn, Share and Survive.

The Methos Harem is a group of women who adore and serve Methos. Much more than a fan club, we are a creative bunch dedicated to supporting each other and defending our Master from any and all detractors!

The MacMINT Asylum - The Methos Institution for Neurotic Tipplers

A clan dedicated to Methos, the only chewy immortal. Come drink with us, or if being drunk isn't your style, commit yourself and get your own padded cell.

Clan MacMoose Fun Page - Cum lingua in gena solide (With tongue firmly in cheek)

Clan MacMoose was formed when several of us from got together to create the Highlander VR Con 1998. The Clan MacMoose is about having fun and seeing things from a differnt perspective. We give vent to this different perspective in the form of creative VR projects, large and small, by the group and the individual moose (usually Highlander related). In short? We are nuts and proud of it!

The Night Clan of Evil - May it be... The immortal Cimoli

We Are The NCoE, The Night Clan of Evil. We Number Ourselves among Those Who Delight In Their Darker Natures While Not Denying Our Lighter Halves. Our Goal Is Not To Intimidate Others, But Rather To Balance Ourselves, Weighing Out Good And Evil In Equilibrium.

The Clan MacNut - Keepers of the kiltpin

In Celtic legend, the tree drops it's nuts into the well below, where they are consumed by the salmon. While cooking one of these salmon, one accidently tastes it, and instantly gains all knowledge. As such, the nut has come to symbolize wisdom in a nut shell.

The Ohiolanders - Every one who is immortal raise your hand!

We are Highlander fans! We live in Ohio (well, most of us) ...and we are... THE OHIOLANDERS! We are an Ohio based HL fanclub that provides Highlander news, trivia,links, gatherings, images, and even our own forum.

The Clan MacParody - Parody is the sincerest form of flattery!!

The Clan MacParody is devoted to the perpetration of HL song parodies! DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! You *have* been warned - take shelter immediately! No one and nothing is safe: if it was in Highlander, it's fair game!

The Clan PoD - The clan for the dexstrose impaired

Clan MacPsiSib - Whimsy Rules!

Light-hearted fun. Whimsy, frivolity, frus, parodies, and even a silly fable all revolve around characters from Highlander and yes, we've included other examples of fine male pulchritude. Help us in our fight to stamp out Unnecessary Seriousness!

Ravenite FON Wolfe Pack - Aroooo! Long Live the Immortal Legacy

The RFWP was founded as a site for the amusement of fans of The Raven. We have articles, pics, links, and silly stuff about the show and the Pack. The only real membership requirement is enthusiasm for the success of the series.

SAPS - Send Amanda Packing Society

We are a large group of women who enjoy Highlander and each other's friendship. We have a message board, regularly scheduled chats and a newsletter that is open to the public.

The Clan MacSpam - All hail to Spam. The clan that can.

The Clan MacSpam, protector and server of all SPAMkind is dedicated in putting out flames on the Rysher Highlander forum. We're just a fun loving group of people who love Highlander, and of course SPAM! FREE THE SPAM!!!

The Clan MacSpirit - ...and then there were spirits

Many moons ago when the earth was created it was decided by someone greater then ourselves that all elements should have a soul, something so untangible that the emotion that comes from their very being, gives them their spirit.

MacSprite Clan

We are a clan totally and completely dedicated to Highlander. We write fanfics, do RPG's, talk about HL, etc...
To all: Peace, Love, and Bullet-Proof Marshmallows!

The Clan MacStar

The Clan MacTroll - We're green and gosh darn proud of it!

The Clan MacVal

The Vile Duncan Macleod Flagwavers - "He is eternal, and only He eternal, lasts."

The Clan MacWench - We welcome you "Mi casa es su casa"

The Clan MacWench, dedicated to the ideals of Peace, Service and Hospitality, seeks to encourage those ideals and good times for all people of the Rysher Forum by participating in the fandom of the Highlander Universe and having hours and hours of fun obsessing over our favorite Highlander episodes, and cast members.

The Clan MacWoW - Women of Wisdom

Women over 40 who are (of course) HL fans. We welcome diversity, difference of opinion, and enthusiasm-- those things are what make life fun!!

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