Swords and Whips
Hollywood Combat Center David Baker has provided some weapons, in cluding the Queen's sword.

Anthony de Longis' website. Anthony has training videos for swords and whip through his company "Palpable Hits". He also has some wonderful behind the scenes commentary for his time on "Queen of Swords."

Sword Forum International On-line A great resource for everything long, sharp and pointy. No merchandise, but they have forums for the novice and the expert. If you have a question about weapons, this is the place to go. They also have lists of reliable swordsmiths.

Belles and Blades. A resource for swashbuckler videos, some hard to find and out of print.

The Actors

Peter Wingfield Fan Club


Valentine Pelka Fan Club


Elizabeth Gracen Fan Club


Jose Feliciano sings title song, "Behind the Mask".


The Show



Queen of Swords List This is one of the most active e-mail lists for discussion of Queen of Swords. Moderated.

Historical Background


California History




Daily life in CA in 1800


Chapter 7: 1817 - 1840 Immigration and Urbanization


The Capistrano Pageant


Spanish History


For information on the Tarot, please follow link below for a list of period decks and on-line resources.



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