Developed by Ira Bernstein, the same man that created "Relic Hunter".

Executive Producers: Jay Firestone, Adam Haight and David Abramowitz Co-Executive Producers: Alvaro Longoria and Simon MacCorkindale Producer: Ken Gord

Creative Consultant : David Abramowitz

David Baker has provided some weapons, in cluding the Queen's sword

Anthony de Longis was Sword Master/Fight Coordinator for the first six episodes and appears in the first episode "Destiny", in which he plays Tessa's sword instructor Maestro Torres, and number 9, "The Hanged Man." Several reels of film were lost in transit and fight scenes needed to be re-choreographed and reshot. Through a misunderstanding Anthony's name was left off the credits for "Vengeance". He should be sharing credit with Albert Goldberg.

Anthony de Longis was replaced by Jean Louis Airola, one of the most experienced and exciting stunt coordinators/stunt men in the world. Jean Louis was the coordinator on "French Kiss" as well as "Ronin". Ken Gord worked with him recently on the French episodes of "Relic Hunter".

Richardo Cruz, who brought his skill with horses to "Gladiator," "Sleepy Hollow," "Braveheart," and "First Knight" is working on "The Queen of Swords". Assisting Ricardo are Hernan Ortiz Redondo and Luis Miguel Arranz. Luis is famous throughout Andalusia as an exceptional horseman and rejoneador, or mounted bullfighter.

Roberta Brown did Tessie's stunts and doubled for some of the guest stars for the first 5-6 eps.

Gaelle Cohen, who placed 3rd in fencing in World Championships, rides, falls, does acrobatics and fire work and was a competitive diver now doubles Tessie.

Natalia Guijarro Brasseur is Ms. Santiago's stunt double for riding.

Maria Jose doubles Tessie for falls.

Even Ms. Santiago's mount "Chico" has two stunt horse doubles, Escandalo and Champion.

The beautiful white horse Captain Grisham rides is Montero, the same horse Russell Crowe rode in "Gladiator".

Col. Montoya's mount is Salan.

James Thorpe is on the writing staff.

Gillian Horvath wrote ep. 10 , "The Counterfeit Queen".

Elizabeth Gracen is guest starring in ep. 10 "The Counterfeit Queen".

Richard Martin (Highlander ep "Duende") directed two eps, "Counterfeit Queen" and "Running Wild".

Jorge Montesi is also directing "The Serpent" with David Carradine. Jorge directed Highlander eps in season one.

Paolo Barzman ("Blackmail" "Legacy" and "Forgive us our Trespasses") director of "The Hanged Man", "Fever" and "The Return".

Peter Ellis, who worked on HL:TS and The Raven

Dennis Berry

George Mendeluk

Jose Feliciano. The title song is "Behind the Mask".

Philip Stanger is providing a driving electric guitar soundtrack for the series.

First Unit Director: Jon Cassar

First Assistant Unit Director: Rob Urquhart

Second Unit Director: Brian Gedge

Second Assistant Unit Director: David Antoniuk

Writer: Steve Roberts

Director of photography, Alwyn Kumst C.S.C

Art Direction: Carlos Suarez Bodelón

Supervising Editor: T.C. Martin

Production Designer: Fernando Gonzalez (list of credits include "El Cid" (also filmed in Tabenas, Almeria), Richard Lester's "The Three Musketeers" and "Four Musketeers", and he has several Academy Award nominations)

Set Decorator: Marta Agulló Laguna.

Wardrobe Designer: Evelyne Correard Trompier,

Key Makeup Artist: Angel Luis de Diego Nieto;

Special Effects: Carlos Fernandez, Tomas Urban;


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