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Fireworks is taking advanced orders for a videotape set of the entire Queen of Swords season. They need a minimum of 750 advanced orders in order to make it economically feasible to produce a commercial set of tapes. They are not asking for money up front or a credit card number. Only your name and e-mail address. Go here and order in advance. Do it today! The deadline is October 30, 2001




The Queen of Swords was a swashbuckling show in the spirit of Robin Hood, set in a Fantasy Old California of the early 19th century. A noblewoman by day and a masked avenger by night, the Queen of Swords robs from the oppressive Military Alcalde and returns money to the oppressed peasants while righting wrongs, protecting the innocent, punishing the guilty and trying to find the murderer of her father. She is aided and advised by Marta, a gypsy woman, who reads the Tarot (whence the name "Queen of Swords" comes) and who has looked after Tessa from childhood.


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Before the official website and forum were active, I created a forum. My thanks to Ken Gord for posting information that both clarified and added to the facts already known regarding "The Queen of Swords." Unfortunately my forum was 'disconnected' due to lack of 'traffic'. Not enough hits. And since the series has been canceled, the official site is gone as well. But fear not. There are still forums out there. Try here:



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