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The Official Stan Kirsch Website - Actors (Stan Kirsch)

The Official Valentine Pelka Fan Club Page - Actors (Valentine Pelka)

The Ohiolanders - Clans | Fun Stuff (forms, jokes) | Info (HL:TR) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Fitz, Tessa) | Writing (essays)

Old Soul's Castle - Actors (Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, Stan Kirsch) | Fun Stuff (forms, jokes, cards, recipes) | Info (HL:TS) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Kronos, Fitz, Tessa, Darius) | Writing (Fanfic, poetry)

OnHolyGround - Characters (Connor) | Cons (Historicon, DragonCon2000, Legacy, HLDU2000, Seacouver, Ellen's cruise) | Information (History) | Sights (Methos, Connor) | Writing (Fanfic)

Our lady of light fingers - Characters (Amanda) | Quotes | Sights (Amanda) | Sounds (dialogue)


Palace of the Wind - Writing (fanfic, poetry, essays)

The Panda Pen - Adult (fanfic)

Pasha's Fan Fiction Obsessions - Adult (archives) | Writing (archives)

PEACE - the Adrian Paul Fan Club - Actors (Adrian Paul)

Pegasus' Nebula - Adult (Fanfic) | Sights (Misc)

Peter Hudson Official Fan Club - Actors (Peter Hudson) | Sights (Horton)

The Peter Wingfield Fan Club - Actors (Peter Wingfield) | Sights (Methos)

PG Rated Slash - Forums (mailing lists) | Writing (Archives)

Pookah's Highlander Page - Cons (Anaheim, G4) | Fun Stuff (forms, cards) | Quotes | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Kronos, Fitz) | Sounds (dialogue)

Potest Esse Nur Unus - Actors (Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, Stan Kirsch, Werner Stocker, Lisa Howard)

Psistriker's Mental Home Page - Fun Stuff (jokes) | Writing (Fanfic)


The Queen's castle - Info (canon, History) | Sights (Methos)

Quickenings - Actors (Adrian Paul, Stan Kirsch) | Sights (Duncan, Methos)

The Quinkening - Fun Stuff (Parodies) | Quotes


Rabidkiwi's Entertainment page - Actors (Christopher Lambert) | Characters (Connor) | Fun Stuff (jokes) | Sights (Duncan, Connor) | Writing (poetry)

Rae's little home on the web - Sights (Methos, Connor) | Writing (Fanfic, poetry)

Ramirez Highlander Fanfiction - Characters (Ramirez) | Writing (fanfic, archives)

Ravena's Home Away From Home - Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie)

Ravenite FON Wolfe Pack - Actors (Elizabeth Gracen, Valentine Pelka, Paul Johansson) | Characters (Amanda, Nick) | Clans | Fun Stuff (jokes, parodies, awards, cards) | Info (HL:TR, History) | Sights (amanda, Nick, art) | Writing (fanfic, poetry)

The Raven's Nest - Fun Stuff (jokes, parodies) | Info (HL:TR) | Sounds (dialogue) | Writing (Raven Fic, Poetry, archives)

-=The Realm=- - Adult (fanfic) | Writing (fanfic, poetry)

The Refuge from Reality - Cons (Anaheim) | Reviews (summaries) | Sights (Methos)

Requiem mass for Highlander - Sights (Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Fitz, Darius, Connor) | Sounds (music) | Sounds (Movies)

The Retreat's Library - Writing (Archvies)

Reunion - by Caitlin & Gypsy - Writing (fanfic)

Rhiannon's Eyrie - Writing (Fanfic, Archives)

The Richie Concubines - Characters (Richie) | Fun Stuff (titles)

The Richie Drool Page - Characters (Richie) | Cons (Anaheim) | Sights (Duncan) | Sounds (dialogue)

Richie Isn't Dead!! - By Harem Hostess - Writing (poetry)

The Richie/Methos SlashFic List Archives - Adult (Archives, Mailing lists)

Ricki's Immortalisque - Actors (Sean Connary) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Connor, Rameriz, Kurgan, art, misc, animated) | Writing (fanfic, poetry)

Riley's Cannon Fodder - Adult (Fanfic) | Reviews (fanfic)

ROGboard - Characters (Methos) | Forums (Forums)

ROGs Retreat - Characters (Methos) | Fun Stuff (Jokes) | Quotes | Info (HL:TS, HL4) | Sights (Methos, Richie) | Writing (Fanfic, Songs)

Russet J. McMillan - Writing (fanfic)

Rysher and UltimateTV present Highlander: The Raven - Actors (Elizabeth Gracen, Paul Johansson) | Characters (Amanda, Nick) | Fun Stuff (forms) | Info (HL:TR) | Sights (Amanda, Nick) | Sounds (movies)

Rysher Highlander Forum Acronyms - Info (Forum)

Rysher's Highlander site - Actors (Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, Elizabeth Gracen) | Characters (Duncan) | Fun Stuff (games) | Info (official) | Reviews (summaries) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Fitz) | Sounds (movies)

Rysher's Highlander: The Raven Forum - Forums

Rysher's Highlander:The Raven site - Actors (Elizabeth Gracen, Paul Johansson) | Characters (Amanda, Nick) | Info (HL:TR, Canon) | Reviews (Reviews) | Sights (Amanda, Nick) | Sounds (movies)

Rysher's Highlander: The series forum - Forums


Sabotini's House O' Fanfic - Adult (fanfic, archives) | Reviews (fanfic) | Writing (musings)

Sailor Mars's Highlander Site - Fun Stuff (forms, jokes) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie) | Sounds (dialogue) | Writing (Fanfic)

SAPS - Actors (Adrian, the Bob) | Clans | Conventions (Wolf 359, G5) | Forums (Forums, Chat) | Fun Stuff (Cards) | Info (History, The Fans) | Reviews (HL:TS) | Sights (Adrian, artwork) | Writing (Archives, Poetry, Musings)

The Scifi-Crossover-Webring - Webrings (rings)

scifiGATE - Fun Stuff (Awards) | Info (For Sale) | Webrings (links)

Scorpio's Slash - Writing (Fanfic)

Seacouver Street - By Sharon Lowachee - Writing (poetry)

Seacouver 2000 - Cons (Seacouver)

The Secret half of season six - by Snick - Writing (fanfic)

Secret Highlander Webring - Webrings

Selma's Fanfiction archive - Writing (Fanfic)

Seraphina's Tower | Sights (Duncan, Methos) | Sounds (music, dialogue)

7th Dimension Highlander Fanfic Archive - Reviews (FanFic) | Writing (archives, Raven)

Shack's Fanfic Clearinghouse - Webrings (links)

Shadowlove - Sights (Duncan, Methos, Joe, Amanda, Nick)

Shauna's Site O'Methos - Actors (Peter Wingfield) | Characters (Methos)

She-Ra Lindsay Haters Club - Fun Stuff (titles, jokes)

The Shot Glass - Fun Stuff (jokes)

The SIDEKICKS Society - Characters (Richie) | Fun Stuff (jokes) | Writing (essays)

Slash Fan Fiction Ring - Webrings (Rings)

The Slash Recommendations Webring - Reviews (fanfic) | Webrings (Rings)

The Song of Shanisian - by P.A. Pearson (aka Firinn) - Writing (fanfic)

Speculative Vision Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sounds (Music) | webrings (links)

Squeeky MacWench's Richfic Guide - Characters (Richie) | Fun Stuff (parodies) | Writing (Fanfic)

StarDancing's Mountain Hideaway - Characters (Cassandra) | Sights (Methos, Richie, Kronos, Fitz, Cassandra) | Writing (Fanfic, poetry)

Stardust's Highlander Page Plus - Cons (Syndicon '97, Anaheim) | Fun Stuff (cards)

StarGael's Highlander Place - Fun Stuff (forms) | Info (HL:TS) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Joe, Amanda)

StarLight_9's page - Sights (art)

Stick Boy - Characters (Stick Boy) | Funstuff (lists)

Stonyland - Funstuff (lists) | Reviews (Fanfic) | Writing (Fanfic, Poetry, raven)

Stories of Friends and Lovers, by HollyIlex - Adult (Fanfic)

The Stories of Highlandlass - Writing (fanfic, poetry)

The Story of Halcyon - Writing (fanfic)

Strange World Unofficial Fan Club - Actors (Peter Wingfield)

SWORD FORUM Magazine Online - Info (Swords)

Sword Spectacular Weekend Featuring Anthony De Longis - Actors (ADL, The Bob) | Cons (SSW) | Sights (ADL, The Bob)

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