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Kahana Chameleon's Lair - Highlander Content is hanging on the Walls of the Lair - Cons (Anaheim, Spacedock 98, Homeland 98, Cruise 98) | Reviews (Reviews) | Sights (Duncan, Tessa, Methos, Richie, Kronos, Amanda, Connor, Cahill, Joe, Kurgan, Montages, Cassandra, Grayson, Fitz, Kristin, Rebecca, Misc, Xavier)

Kamil's Highlander Home - Sights (Duncan, Methos) | Writing (Fanfic, Essays)

Kara's homepage - Characters (Kronos) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Kronos) | Sounds (dialogue) | Writing (fanfic)

Kate of Kintail's Tribute to Highlander: the Series - Characters (Connor, Methos, Duncan, Gregor, Rebecca, Amanda) | Quotes | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Connor, Tessa, Rebecca, Amanda) | Sounds (music, dialogue) | Writing (Songs)

Kate's Kintail - Characters (Duncan, Amanda, Methos, Gregor Powers) | Fun Stuff (jokes) | Info (Canon, History) | Quotes | Reviews (Reviews) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Connor, Amanda, Rebecca, Misc, Art) | Sounds (Music) | Writing (Fanfic, poetry)

Kate's Highlander Page - Info (HL:TS, HL:TR) | Quotes | Sounds (dialogue) | Writing (essays)

Kath's Highlander Magazine - Actors (Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, Stan Kirsch, Valentine Pelka, Marcus Testory) | Cons (Chronicles '99, HLDU 2000, G5, Legacy) | Fun Stuff (cards, games, Survays) | Information (HL:TS, HL4) | Reviews (summaries) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Kronos, Caspian, Silas, Sean Burns, anamated, art) | Writing (fanfic, poetry)

KatlinMac - Adult (Fanfic) | Writing (Fanfic, Archives)

Kelly Matthews - Adult (fanfic)

Killa's Adventures in Melodrama - Adult (Fanfic) | Reviews (Fanfic) | Writing (musings)

Kilt Denial - Characters (Connor) | Clans | Sights (Connor)

K'immielvr's Kreative Korner - Fun Stuff (parodies)

K'immies 'R' Us - Characters (Kronos, Cassandra, Horton) | Quotes

K'Immortal Beloved - Characters (Duncan, Methos, Kronos, Darius, Caspian, Silas, Kalas, Kurgan, Cassandra, Horton, Kenny, Xavier, Grayson, Consone, Lord Byron, Alfred Cahill, Andre Korda, Ahriman, Fitz, Kristin) | Fun Stuff (survays) | Quotes | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Kronos, Horton, Darius, Caspian, Silas, The Kurgan, Kalas, Xavier, Grayson, Kenny, ADL, Byron, Cahill, Cassandra, Korda, Kristin) | Sounds (dialogue)

King Fat's Domain - Characters (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Amanda, Kronos, Darius, Fitz, Connor, Rameriz, Caspian, Silas, Kalas, Kurgan, Sean Burns, Rebecca, Kenny, Xavier, Kristin, Brother Paul, Mikey, Kit O'Brady, Kol T'ek) | Fun Stuff (form) | Info (canon) | Writing (essays)

Kiss the four Horsemen! - Fun Stuff (games)

Kizmet's Korner of the web - Cons (Anaheim, G4) | < Fun Stuff (jokes, parodies) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Fitz, Tessa) | Writing (Fanfic)

Kris' Adrian Paul page - Cons (G4) | Sights (Duncan)

Kronos Kastle - Characters (Kronos) | Sights (Kronos, Caspian, Methos) | Writing (Archives)

Kronos' Kompound - Actors (Valentine Pelka) | Characters (Kronos, Caspian, Silas) | Fun Stuff (titles, Jokes, recipes) | Sights (Kronos, ADL) | Writing (fanfic)

Kronos Madness - Characters (Kronos) | Cons (Telefantastique 1996, Chronicles '98) | Fun Stuff (jokes, Parodies, games)

KRyan's Highlander Fan Fiction Page - Writing (Fanfic)


Lady Maura's Highland Hangout - Cons (Syndicon '97, Anaheim) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie)

Lair of the Horsemen - Actors (Peter Wingfield, Valintine Pelka) | Characters (Methos, Kronos, Silas, Caspian) | Reviews (Summaries) | Sights (Methos, Kronos, Silas, Caspian, Kurgan, Artwork) | Writing (fanfic, Essays)

Laudre's Library - Writing (fanfic, Musings)

Laura Mason's Highlander Page - Writing (Fanfic, Poetry)

Laurie's Dougray Scott Fan Page - Actors (Dougray Scott) | Sights (Dougray Scott)

Leah Rosenthal's cartoons - Sights (art)

Legacy 2000 Convention Home Page - Actors (The Bob) | Cons (Legacy 2000) | Information (Swords, For Sale)

LemoGal's Highlander Convention Photos - Cons (G5, Cruise 99, SSW, Cruise 98, G4, Anaheim) | Sights (Stan)

Literary Ramblings - Fun Stuff (Forms, Jokes, Cards) | Writing (fanfic, Raven, Essays)

Little Hawks's Highlander page - Writing (Fanfic)

Little Highlander Factoids - Info (canon)

Little Sammy's House of Fun - Sights (Methos) | Writing (Fanfic)

Live, Grow Stronger, Slash another Day - Adult (fanfic, archives) | Sights (Duncan, Methos)

Lone Writer's fan fiction - Fun Stuff (Cards) | Writing (fanfic, Raven Fic)

Loonywoif's Woods - Adult (Fanfic)

Lori's Peter Wingfield page - Cons (Angelicon 1997)

Lovie MacFru's G5 Page - Cons (G5)

The Lurkers Lounge - Characters (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe) | Fun Stuff (Recipes) | Info (fans) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe) | Writing (fanfic)

The Lyric Wheel - Writing (Archives, Interactive)


Macaruin's Adrian Paul Page - Actors (Adrian Paul) | Cons (Wolf 359) | Sights (Duncan, Tessa, Silas, Caspian)

MacGeorge's Madness - Adult (fanfic) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Xavier) | Writing (Fanfic)

The MacMINT Asylum - Characters (Methos) | Clans | Fun Stuff (forms, jokes, parodies, Games) | Quotes | Sights (Methos, Artwork) | sounds (dialogue) | Writing (Fanfic, Poetry)

The MacMINT Asylum forum - Forums

The MacMINT Asylum Webring - Webrings (Rings)

MacPsySib Fable - Forums

MacSprite Clan - Clans

Maeve's Methos files - Characters (Methos) | Sights (Methos) | Writing (Fanfic)

Mang's Humble Abode - Characters (Amanda, Methos, Richie, Tessa, Joe, Charlie, Dr. Anne, Maurice, Connor, Slan, Keim Sun, Deseree, Crowley, Devereaux, Felicia, Carl, Gregor, Moore, Annie, Kern, Karros, Michelle, Brian Cullan, Kenny, Kanwulf, Cord, Mikey, Kanis, Kit, Kincaid, Killian, Irana Galati, Cassandra, Kantos, Ashe, Clay, McCormick, Jonny K, Alex Raven, Kyra, Merek, Katya, Regan Cole, Reinhardt, Darius, Grayson, Xavier, Carl, Kalas, Kristin, Claudia, Kol Tek, Burns, Cahill, Fitz, Nefertiri, Luther, Rebecca, Ceirdwyn, Cimoli, Kronos, Caspian, Silas, Consone, Byron) | Conventions (G5, Anaheim) | Quotes | Writing (Musings, Poetry)

Mania: Maureen Russell: Highlander's Watcher - Info (HL:TS)

The Many faces of Adrian Paul - Actors (Adrian Paul) | Info (HL:TS, HL:TR) | Sights (Duncan) | Sounds (music) | Writing (poetry)

MAP Webring - Webrings (rings)

Marianne's Alternate Universe of Highlander - Adult (archives) | Forums (mailing lists) | Writing (fanfic, archives)

Maria's Page of Myth's - Writing (Fanfic, Musings)

Marina's Highlander Page - Characters (Duncan, Tessa, Richie, Joe, Methos, Charlie, Amanda, Darius, Fitz, Anne, Horton) | Funstuff (Jokes) | Info (Canon, the fans) | Quotes | Writing (fanfic, songs, musings)

Mary's Highlander Page - Actors (Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes, Stan Kirsch) | Revies (summaries)

Masters of the Realm - Fun Stuff (Surveys) | Sights (Connor, Kurgan, Rameriz, Duncan, Amanda, Richie, Joe, Methos) | Sounds (Dialogue, Music) | Writing (fanfic)

Mattheq's Crossover fanfic Archive - Writing (Archives)

Men in Kilts - Fun Stuff (Cards) | Sights (Duncan, Rameriz, misc) | Sounds (movies)

Merlin's Lair - Writing (Fanfic)

Methos addicts public - Characters (Methos) | Clans | Fun Stuff (jokes) | Sights (Methos)

Methos Boxer Brigade - Actors (Peter Wingfield) | Characters (Methos) | Clans | Cons (syndicon97, angelicon 97, Cruise '97, HLDU2, Anaheim, Access, Chronicles 99, Cruise 99, Seacouver 2000) | Funstuff (recipes) | Reviews (summaries) | Sights (Methos, art) | Writing (archives, essay)

The Methos Chronicles - Info (for sale)

Methos.Com - Actors (Peter Wingfield) | Characters (Duncan, Methos, Joe, Richie, Amanda, Kronos, Caspian, Silas) | Fun Stuff (forms, jokes, Games) | Info (HL:TS, History) | Quotes | Sights (Methos, misc) | Sounds (dialogue) | Writing (fanfic, interactive)

The Methos Harem - Clans | Writing (Fanfic)

Methos Harem Webring - Webrings (Rings)

Methosluvr's homepage - Characters (Methos, Kronos) | Cons (Cruise '97, Syndicon '97, Chronicles 98, Anaheim, Access) | Fun Stuff (jokes) | Info (HL:TR) | Quotes | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Kronos) | Sounds (dialogue)

Methos's (Meefie's) Playground - Fun Stuff (Jokes) | Writing (FanFic)

The Methos Menagerie - Fun Stuff (jokes, Parodies) | Sights (Methos)

Methos, Methos, Methos - Characters (Methos) | Cons (Syndicon '97) | Quotes | Sights (Methos)

Methos: Our Blue Faced Love God - Actors (Peter Wingfield) | Characters (Methos) | Fun Stuff (forms, Games, awards) | Information (merchandise) | Quotes | Reviews (reviews, novels) | Sounds (Dialogue) | Writing (fanfic)

Methos Photo Gallery - Sights (Methos)

Methos Scrolls List Page - Characters (Methos) | Forums (mailing list) | Webrings | Writing (fanfic)

Methos' Shield Bearer - Characters (Methos)

Methuselah's gift - Characters (Duncan, Methos, Joe, Richie, Amanda, Kronos) | Fun Stuff (jokes) | Quotes | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda) | Writing (fanfic)

Milady's Methos worship page - Characters (Methos) | Fun Stuff (forms, jokes) | Quotes | Sights (Methos)

Miscellaneous Photo Gallery - Sights (Duncan, Methos, Richie, Joe, Amanda, Tessa, Darius)

The Misfit Muses Highlander fanfic - Writing (Fanfic)

Mistress Egrain's Lair of the Ancients - Actors (Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield) | Characters (Duncan, Methos) | Fun Stuff (awards) | Sights (Duncan, Methos) | Writing (fanfic)

MizParker's Cold Files - Actors (Peter)

Mona's Fiction Page - Adult (fanfic) | forums (Mailing lists) | Fun Stuff (Surveys)

Mostly Methos image gallery - Sights (Duncan, Methos)

My Fave Holy Dude! - Characters (Darius) | Sights (Darius) | Sounds (Dialogue, movies)

My Highlander Page - Actors (Adrian Paul) | Sights (Duncan) | Writing (fanfic)


The NetCafe - info (sale) | Reviews (fanfic) | Sights (Duncan, Methos, Joe, Richie) | Writing (musings, archives)

Nickster's Site - Info (HL:TS, HL:TR, HL:TM) | Writing (fanfic)

The Night Clan of Evil - Characters (Danny Cimoli) | Clans

Night Jungle - Writing (Fanfic)

Ninjababe's Home - FunStuff (Awards) | Quotes | Sights (Methos, Misc) | Writing (fanfic)

The Noah's Ark site - Actors (Peter Wingfield) | Sights (Methos)

Nora's Highlander/Duncan MacLeod/Adrian Paul Page - Actors (Adrian Paul) | Cons (Gathering II, Gathering III, Syndicon '97, Anaheim, G4) | Sights (Duncan) | Sounds (dialogue)

No Rest for the Wicked - A Methos page - Characters (Methos) | Quotes | Sights (Methos) | Sounds (dialogue)

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