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So, how did this happen? Well, I stumbled onto the net in 1998, just as Highlander was ending. To be honest, I was bored out of my mind one day while my friend was checking his email at the library, so I decided to do a search and see if there were any websites out there devoted to my favorite show. Those first few sites I found turned me into an addict... I wanted to see everything that was out there. Of course, being new to the Highlander fandom and the internet in general, I was completely clueless about several things. What were all these clans? Where could I find fanfic? Where had I seen Joe Dawson before? Of course, there were the usual lists of links, but I found it hard to find what I was looking for without spending the entire night clicking on each one. It wasn't that I had a problem with visiting all these sites (Otherwise I wouldn't spend hours doing just that), I just wanted one site that could act like a 'front door' to the rest of the Highlander sites out there. After a few months of being obsessed with Highlander I decided to combine my highlander obsession with the other love of my life, design, and create a website. At first I knew nothing about html and I used the geocities idiot editor. That lasted about as long as I could stand not being able to put things where I wanted them, so I picked up a big fat book-o-html and learned what I needed. Before long I had a nifty little site with some poetry, bedding advice, a picture of my cats and a links page. Little did I know.... I don't know when the links got out of hand, but they used to be on one page. I just happened to categorize them instead of having one big list. Anyway, to make an already long story a little bit shorter, the site grew from one page to three to nine to thirteen. Most recently I've given it a new look and moved it away from Geocities (which won't let me in without making me get a new password each time). I've added some stuff, such as this page (Yeah.. I like to ramble, but you choose to read it) and an FAQ. I really want to work on making this page better and easier to use for everyone, so suggestions are always welcome. And now for the new stuff:


04/25/00 - Lots to report this time. First, it's time to celebrate! Quink's Links officially posted its 2000th link a few days ago. That honour goes to Highlander: There can be only one. I've also officially opened two sections to my site. Quink's Pick is a website review feature, and my new Adult section. Finally, I was awarded another of ScifiGate's Awards, this time for a good all round page.

03/24/00 - More Awards! CyDoc was kind enough to give me the prime time award for web design, and I received ScifiGate's Resource pick of the week.

01/28/00 - I've added a new category for sites that have info about Eurominutes and several new Logos. I've also been lucky enough to win the Ravenite FON Wolfe Pack Rave'n Website Award... and Sapphire to boot!

01/09/00 - New year, new look new goal. I'm going for 2000 links before the Gathering 5 in Denver! There have been several new categories added in the last few months, espically more devoted to Highlander: The Raven, and with them more links.

10/22/99 - The page is finished and ready to go! Just a few more days until it opens.

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