Top Ten Things You Won't Hear on Easter at the Kompound...

Posted by Cori (what do you mean all the blue dye is gone?) on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 9:30 a.m.


10. Caspian: "But I just want to PET the bunny."

9. Methos: "I want chocolate milk please.

8. Kronos: "Here, you can have my jellybeans."

7. Silas: "Can we wear bonnets?"

6. Kronos: "Vegetarian cuisine is fine for dinner."

5. Silas: "Awwwwwww, these peeps are too cute to eat."

4. Methos: "I want to color all the eggs pink."

3. Caspian: "I'm not up for hunting anything today."

2. Godiva: "I'm not interested in eating any chocolate, you can have my share."

1. Kronos: "I invited MacLeod over to join us."


LOL!!! Even better! 

Posted by Brena Rosal on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 9:34 a.m.


Now for an opposite effect, what would these guys say about Easter? 

Methos-"You know, I started this holiday as a way to gain tax exempt status."

Well, maybe a little. 

Posted by Godiva on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 3:07 p.m.


Man, I could go bankrupt. I've bought all the blue dye for miles around. 

But I've successfully kept the microwave duct-taped shut. K hasn't even notice we've had KFC five straight days. And so far the Kompound is still peepless. 

But I don't trust ol' Big Nose. I know he'll find a way to smuggle them in past the dogs.

Ah, well. Another Easter. Another renovation.

Possible Spring/Easter games at the Kompound

Posted by Cori on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 3:33 p.m.


Shoot the Tail on the Bunny

K. Says

Red Light Red Light (it's never Green, get over it)

Tag, You're Dead

Three Legged Badger Race (whoever makes him three-legged wins)

Run the Scotsman up the Maypole

Potato Sack Races (take the head of the opponent, stick it in the Potato

Sack and run for finish line before the Quickening hits)

Haggis Pie Eating Contest

Face Painting (only blue)

Red Badger Red Badger

Ring Around the Victim


Oh, there's many more, that's just a taste.....




ROTFLOL! Potato sack race! 

Posted by TunaTroll *plane ticket in hand* on Friday, 2 April 1999



Those are truly twisted. Just like you, oh inCORIgible one.





Ummm...Tuna, careful about that little trip your planning..... 

Posted by screwball on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 3:40 p.m.


hee hee...if the ski cab is wearing a tin foil beanie, don't get of the plane!!


tin foil beanie?

Posted by TunaTroll *plane ticket in hand* on Friday, 2 April 1999


hmmmm . . . where have I heard that before?


Tuna *should I be worried the ticket came with green pez and a dried olive?*


Top Ten Things Overheard at Duncan's Easter Party 

Posted by TunaTroll *wearing her bunny ears* on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 3:34 p.m.


1) "How on earth did the Boy Scout manage to dye the eggs MacLeod plaid? 

2) "Yes, it's lovely Amanda, but where did the Faberge` egg come from?" 

3) "You know, at the Harem Castle we celebrate by filling the swimming pool with melted chocolate and . . . never mind." 

4) "I don't care how cute you think I'd look Amanda. I am not putting on those bunny ears and that's final!" 

5) "Don't worry Richie. The Easter Bunny did not really get roasted and eaten by the Horsemen, no matter what Methos claims." 

6) "Okay, who's the comedian who beheaded all the chocolate bunnies?!!" 

7) "Verrry funny, Methos. Now put the gun away. You know damn well that's not how to hunt for Easter eggs." 

8) "Amanda? You did remember to boil the eggs first, right? Amanda? AMANDA!!!!" 

9) "Oh Joe, doesn't Duncan look cute in those bunny ears?" 

10) "Dammit Methos! Stop putting peeps in the microwave!"




Tuna *I won a free plane ticket to Minneapolis! I can't wait!*



Posted by Siva mac MINT-BABE-MBB-SPRITE on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 3:47 p.m.



translation requested 

Posted by TunaTroll *heading for the airport* on Friday, 2 April 1999, at 4:36 p.m.



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