Anthony De Longis'

Sword Spectacular Weekend

and it certainly was!


A little private ceremony before the convention

Anthony welcomes us to his, that is, "our" party.


Beginning Class

Evolution of the Rapier- F. Braun McAsh

Pen vs. the Sword- Gillian Horvath and F. Braun McAsh

Choreographers Q&A with Anthony De Longis, F. Braun McAsh, Richard Ryan, Mark Ryan, Nick Evangelista, T.J. Rotolo, Roberta Brown, Payson Burt, Ed Douglas, Robert Goodwin, Bob Chapin, Tim Weske
Intermediate Class Assessment

The Mixer


Experiences- Bob Chapin

The Secret Life of Jules Verne- Mark Ryan

Jason Carter Q&A

The Mysterious Circle- Anthony De Longis and F. Braun McAsh

Intermediate Class

Charity Auction

Mark Ryan Q&A

Jim Byrnes Concert

Have Skills, Will Travel- Anthony's Retrospective


The Two-Handed Sword- F. Braun McAsh

Creating a Dangerous Work of Art- Tony Swatton

Bob Anderson Tribute- Mark Ryan

The Process- Anthony De Longis and Bob Chapin and friends

Jim Byrnes Q&A

Closing Ceremonies

Guess what F. Braun Signed!

Oh, boy! Two more. But I missed Gillian. I'll get her on the cruise I'm sure. Along with Bill Panzer and David Abramowitz. to get Adrian?

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Kronicles '98

The Celebration


Kronicles '99

Kruise '99



Family Room

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