Highlander Clan Kruise '99

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Posted by Godiva- back on terra firma, the firma the bettah on Monday, 8 November 1999, at 2:44 p.m.


Yes, I'm back. As are Casilda, Tuna Troll, Orion, Evil One and a number of other Southern Californian cruisers.

There were some pros and cons to the cruise as there are to any Con. What they are depends on who you talk to.

For me a definite con was The Ocean. The boat wasn't big enough. No boat will ever be big enough. The Titanic wouldn't have been big enough. The QEII isn't big enough. I think I want a really big boat that never actually leaves the dock. I think I want a boat with the stern in Long Beach and the bow in Ensenada so I can walk there. But that's not what Tuna will say. But who are you gonna believe? A naked woman or a fish?

(see? it's not big enough!)

Our Convention goodies included a HLClan Cruise III T-shirt (which I baptized on Wed.) and a set of pewter Highlander coasters (on sale for $14.95 at the Highlander Store online).

There were many pros. And amusements regarding same. While our cabins were small compared to the Hilton in Anaheim or the Sheraton at LAX (and Casilda and I had a windowless cabin thankyouverymuch that's just the way I wanted it) we weren't in them all that much. There was a casino (where Evil One managed to break even) and a few bars and lounges. We spent the last night huddled around the baby grand on deck 6 singing while Jezebelle MacSpam played. She could have competed with the piano bar guy and won. I'll take "Someone to Watch Over Me" over the "Macarena" any day.

Our beds were made for us in the morning and turned down for us every night (with a little chocolate on the pillow even) by Joseph, our able steward. And no, he didn't get a big tip from me just because he left me chocolate every night. But it sure didn't hurt.

And there's nothing like having breakfast, lunch and dinner served to you by capable, polite staff (Thank you Lambert [really!],Fernando and Firenc) that are there to please your every whim. And man....have I got a lot of whim. Had a continental breakfast of fresh fruit, fresh croissants with butter and strawberry jam and orange juice every morning.

(I was actually forced to have breakfast on the top deck where you could actually SEE out. It was awful.)
The Con activities themselves were just fine. Mighty fine. Damn fine.

As always, the very best part of the cruise were the fellow fans and forumlanders, of whom I met many. Too many to name them all. I got my forumlander badge from GiGi MacFru as well as a wonderful button that says "Devoravimus, Potavimus, Vomuimus" which I am given to understand means, "We ate, We drank, We vomited." Rather apropos for the cruise. And I also obtained a "Methoswantshisownshow" button from Mareva. For those that think they missed me.......you may have caught me at Jim's first concert on Friday night. I was the one in the white halter dress and blonde wig.


Opening Ceremony and Jim Byrnes Concert


Q&A- Bill Panzer, Jim Byrnes, David Abramowitz, Peter Wingfield, Stan Kirsch

Q&A- "Highlander: World Without End"- Bill Panzer

"Best of Highlander"- Bill Panzer, David Abramowitz, Maureen Russell

Sword Demo: Anthony de Longis, Bob Chapin

Whip Demo: Anthony de Longis, Bob Chapin


"End of Innocence"- Stan Kirsch and Maureen Russell

"Glory Days"- Jim Byrnes and Maureen Russell

"Indiscretions" Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes and Maureen Russell

"Methuselah's Gift"- Peter Wingfield and Maureen Russell

"Duende"- Anthony de Longis and Maureen Russell

Closing Ceremony and Jim Byrnes Concert

Oh, boy, oh, boy! I got David Abramowitz and Bill Panzer now.

Only Gillian and Adrian to go. And maybe Ken Gord, David Tynan, Tony di Franco...

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