Sword Spectacular Weekend Charity Quilt

The following quilted wallhanging was donated to the charity auction at

the Sword Spectacular Weekend, June 18, 19, 20 in Los Angeles, CA.

"Flamberge Mystique"

fusible-web appliqué on cotton, machine quilted

18.5 " wide X 50.25 " long

Congratulations, Kay! I know it went to someone who could appreciate it.

Thursday Night presentation of Anthony's Quilt


And just so he didn't feel slighted (Anthony just loves presents) Anthony got his very own quilt. This quilt was on display in the dealers room during the Sword Spectacular Weekend, labeled "Not for Sale....from Anthony's private collection" so that all might enjoy.

"Duende" 49" x 49" fusible-web and hand appliqué on cotton, machine quilted.



Anthony is surprised!


A close-up inspection.


And Anthony strikes a familiar pose.


Notice there doesn't seem to be a picture of me standing with Anthony? Were they taken? You betcha! Why aren't they here? Don't ask me. I tried to get copies for four years. But you know how some fans are. They can't stand any evidence that someone else might even be standing next to their chosen obsession. Some sort of misplaced jealousy or some shit. Something juvenile like... if your friend makes friends with someone else, they don't like you anymore. Like friendship is a limited commodity and if you make too many friends you "use it up". Some people never to grow out of High School. They live their life in a clique. "I'm special and you're not..." (grow up)

Yes. Despite what impression another webpage might indicate *I* made this quilt and *I* gave it to Anthony Thursday night before Sword Spectacular Weekend. Of course the downside of being in any picture is I can't take a picture of myself. But pictures were taken. Well, if they were taken, why aren't they here? You'd think because the two groupies present are always competing for attention and trying to outdo the other in the photography department, at least one of them would try and 'one up' the other by providing me with a picture. These "friends" took those pictures, they *promised* me copies of those pictures and over the last four years, after many polite requests, begging and pleading, offers of money even.......neither can manage to find one of the many different poses they took of Anthony and me together in front of this quilt. Nope. I can't pay these people enough to take a few minutes to look through their negatives and make me a reprint. These persons enjoyed the gratuitous pleasure of being a part of this presentation while having done nothing to contribute to it. And neither my name nor my Highlander handle even appear on the webpage one of these people has of this presentation. Well, I suppose that's a real indication of 'you know who your friends are'. And what constitutes integrity. Not exactly living by the Anthony de Longis Fan Club motto are we? Guess you forgot who gave you that picture of you sitting next to Peter at the ACCESS auction. Well, I've got a better memory.


Bitter? Well........YEAH! DUH!


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