Posted by Bright Girl MacWench on Thursday, 2 July 1998, at 9:24 a.m.


With Apologies To Walt Whitman. Parodied to his, "O Captain! My Captain!"




Oh Caspian! My Caspian! My soul you've left undone,

My screams hath killed every critter, the passion you ignited burns on,

The fork is here, the squeaks I hear, your tummy's really growling,

While beady eyes shrink in fear, my love for you keeps growing.

And your heart! Heart! Heart!

Do you have one or is it dead?

Wherefore I know it beats against your chest

Thumping cold and red.


O Caspian! My Caspian! Rise up and bathe with me;

Rise up -- for you the tub is full -- for you I bought soap, three

For you the toilet's messy and grimy -- for you creeping crawlings,

It is some dream that I find you in bed

A smellin' and shavened head.

My Caspian doth answer, his lips are yummy lookin'

My Caspian shows his tattoos to me, and all deserves a lickin'

The sound of hoof beats plays in his mind, insanity can be bewitching

From fearful rats to buggy eyed bats, no one's safe from him

Exult O Bugs, chomp-chomp, welcome to hell

And I, with flaming reds

Walk the asylum my Caspian lies

Lust grips me, not dread


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