The following were composed by various bootlickers

Duncan, immortal

But so are those horsemen guys.

Caspian is hot.


Dreams of eating bugs

Even in my waking hours.

Must stop rewinding.


Godiva, nekkid,

Kronos is eating chicken.

Finger lickin' good.


I was born a snake

In Chinese astrology

But I like horsemen.


I wonder what happens

If you cut off only half

an Immortal's head.


Red or white with rat

Is that such a dilemma?

Caspian, get drunk.


I wonder sometimes

If a fru falls in the woods

Does anyone thunk?


If God likes haiku

And I've mocked it willingly

Where will I end up?


A new obsession.

I thought I'd run out of them.

No such luck my friends.


I need some "Hot Stuff".

It's a Donna Summer song.

Get nekkid, Methos.


If life were cheap beer

No one would have to worry

About running out.


Caspian's Mad House,

Poor baby chained to a wall.

Kiss me, Crazy Horse.


Evil Dunkie hides now

In a double episode

But what of his tongue?


Joe has a big bar.

No one is ever in it.

Booze are watered down.


Richie has his head.

Just ask the Clan Denial.

It never happened.


The belly button

Of Kronos, Butterscotch Schnapps...

Drink to me only.


My guestbook is sad.

Only fourty-eight entries.

Fifty would be nice.


Thanks for listening.

I'm sure this will wear off soon.

Only God knows when...



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