A Disgruntled Horseman to the ROG and The ROG's response

Posted by Bright Girl (My sincerest apologies to Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh, great poets indeed) on Saturday, 27 June 1998, at 10:23 p.m.




Parody of the poems, "The Passionate Shepherd to his love," is from Christopher Marlowe and "The Nymphs Reply," is from Sir Walter Raleigh. The first verse belongs to the first poem, then the response from Methos is from the second poem.


Kronos to Methos:

Come ride with me and be my friend

And all mortals alike, to hell we'll send

From villages, cities, towns and malls

To be a Horseman, that is your call


Methos Responds:

If all the world and beer were gone

And even the rock where you crawled from

Those mortals I might have to defend

I have changed, I am not your friend


Kronos to Methos:

But we will sit up on our throne

Seeing mayhem and destruction rome

By this furry creature, a monkey it's name

The Ebola will surely grant us fame


Methos Responds:

Time will come, the throne will rust

Avoiding death, to me is a must

And a monkey has lice, ALAS!

But I won't say that in front of Silas


Kronos to Methos:

Then I will make thee beds of sweaters

And a thousand blue boxers

A fridge full of cheap, dark beer

Come on now Brother, what dost thou fear?


Methos Responds:

The sweaters do fade in time, trust me

And boxers I have lots, just ask BG

Joe's Bar, Mac's fridge, I am welcomed at both

So leave my Brother and don't forget yer coat


Kronos to Methos:

My Leather is made from finest hides

Yer coat is black and so unrefined

Me boots are spit shined and licked well

Twinkle Toes? That's you, I can tell


Methos Responds:

Thy Leather, thy boots

I care thee not for them

My toes are treasured

Just ask my harem


Kronos to Methos:

A caged witch to thee I entrust

Her eyes enraged but not of lust

And if her pleasures make thee drool

Come ride with me and the world let's rule


Methos Responds:

Thy crazed witch with press on nails

I'd rather see her cuffed and jailed

Her pleasures I doth hack spit at

I'd rather join Caspian and eat a rat


Kronos to Methos:

The Horsemen soon will ride and our voices will ring

For we delight in each day of killing

If Freedom delights thy mind

Then ride with me, I am the End of Time!


Methos Responds:

But could killing last with the Highlander around?

Beer, nuts, a couch, more beer

These are those that delights my mind, you hear?

Kronos, I'm a loyal drunk now, I fear!



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