Comes a Horseman and Revelation 6:8 Eurominutes.


D = Duncan MacLeod

M = Methos

Ca = Cassandra

K = Kronos

Cs = Caspian

S = Silas

J = Joe Dawson

[square bracket] indicate a switch to/from Eurominutes,

(parentheses) show

descriptions of non-verbal minutes

{braces} enclose my own commentary.


Comes a Horseman

Scene: In the wild west flashback to Aqua Dulce, the graveyard scene starts sooner with D standing by a cross just behind Melvin Koren's. This is the one that reads 'Goat Defiler'.

Scene: In the Bronze Age flashback there's more of the villagers before Ca starts talking. Yadda, yadda. Hijad makes 'magic' over the patient, patient gets up a leaves.


Ca: (looking up at Hijad) Did I make the medicine badly?

Hijad: You made it perfectly.

[continues with US version]


Scene: Duncan & Cassandra at Joe's starts sooner


J: You're kidding, right? The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? Like in the bible?

D: No, like in the Kentucky Derby.

J: Oh, well, great. We'll phone my bookie. Who are we betting on? War? Famine? Pestilence?

Ca: Death.

J: You're serious, aren't you?

D: Dead serious.


J: Throughout history, there have been mounted raiders. Local stories that turn into legends. Legends turn into myths. The 4 horsemen... they're symbols of death.

Ca: A symbol didn't put my tribe to the sword.

D: Joe, look. The 4 horsemen were immortals. One of them was called Kronos.

J: Kronos. Sounds like something out of the dark ages.

Ca: Bronze, actually. I know, I was there.


J: So what do you want me to do?

Ca: Find Kronos.

J: How? I mean, even if this is for real, I've never even heard of this guy before.

D: Yeah, but you *have* heard of Melvin Koren.

J: Yeah, ... Man.... I'll see what I can find out.


[carries on with Kronos' knife in Methos' chest]


Scene: Kronos & Methos at the power plant

M: Welcome back, brother.


(K walks around M to the right, pauses and looks back at M, then continues out the door. Continues with D & M at the dojo & the Bronze Age flashback with Ca & M )


Scene: After the commercial break, the scene at Joe's starts sooner.

J: I don't know, Mac. Methos, Kronos, the 4 horsemen? I don't buy it.

D: Why not?

J: This is...this is *our* Methos she's talking about, right?


J: I mean, he is the *one* immortal I know that _never_ looks for a fight.

D: Has he been here?

J: I ain't seen him.

(D turns away and starts to leave)

J: Mac! This is thousands of year ago we're talking about, right? I mean, someone lives with thoughts of revenge for that long, it becomes an obsession. Maybe she's delusional.

D: No. No; No, not Cassandra.

J: Mac, maybe she's a liar. What do you really know about this woman?

D: What do I know about Methos?

J: Can you imagine him murdering women and children for pleasure?!

D: No.

J: No. I mean, sometimes all you have to go with is your gut. If I were you I'd listen to it.


D: It's just not enough.

J: Hey, as you know, the watchers don't know everything. Hell, you know as much about Methos' history as I do. If it's proof you're looking for... Buddy, I am fresh out.

D: Then I'm just going to have to find my own.

(D turns and walks out.)


Scene: K & M in the power plant, M having just failed in trying to kill K.

K: I'm going to do you a favour. You know Cassandra's here.

M: We didn't exactly exchange gifts.

K: And you know that she'll kill you if she gets the chance. You never could bring yourself to take her head, could you? So I'm going to do it for you.

M: And in return?

K: You kill Duncan MacLeod.


M: But he's my friend. He's nothing to you. Why?

K: Why? Because he's your friend. Because you still have to prove yourself and because YOU OWE ME!!

(K takes the dagger he's still holding, and cuts the palm of his left hand.)

K: Now swear. Swear that you'll kill MacLeod.

(M slowly takes the dagger and cut the palm of his left hand and they clasp cut hands.)

M: (in a whisper) I swear.


Scene: Methos & Duncan at the truck after the 'I killed 10,000' speech.

M: The answer is yes. Ohh, yess.

(M looks down and it fades to black.)


(As M looks down, he removes his jacket. D walks toward the T-bird, stops and turns back. He removes his jacket and *throws* it into the car. His movements are abrupt and *very* angry. M opens the truck door and *heaves* the jacket in. His movements are just as angry as D's. He turns and looks at D. D gets into the car and squeals away. M gets into the truck, puts his hands on top of the steering wheel and puts his head down on them. Fade to black.)


Scene: The fight between K & D in the power plant is longer. {It is obvious that Valentine Pelka has done a fair bit of sword fighting. These two gentlemen are incredible!}


That's the end of the Eurominutes for Comes a Horseman.


Revelation 6:8

Scene: After the recap of Comes a Horseman, the forest scene in the Ukraine start sooner and hear we hear Kronos' & Methos' voices.

M: I've been spending too much time in cities.

K: Two days on an airplane, and another 2 on a horse. I hope you're not wasting my time.

M: I thought you enjoyed my company.

K: Even for you, Methos, my patience has limits.


M: Ah, this is the place. I'm telling you, Kronos, he's here. Would I lie to you?

K: When have you ever done anything else?

[continues with the US version]


Scene: At Silas' camp, S, K, & M meet and join hands

K: Come, we have much to do.


(The scene continues with M & K leading the horses off to the right with M trailing behind S & K. Fade to black.)


Scene: At Joe's, Joe is searching the watcher CD as Ca & D look on.

J: I've narrowed it down to white male immortals that we don't have first death information on, and we've got a helluva lot of files.

D: Yeah, well try narrowing it down by first name. Look for something similar to what they were using back then: Silas and Caspian.


J: You're reaching.

D: Look, just do it, ok? It's worth a shot.


(Continues with Joe pulling 3 pics up on the laptop.)


Scene: The asylum in Bucharest. S, K & M are trying to convince the Dr. to give them Caspian.

Dr.: I'm sorry gentlemen, but my hands are tied.

K: Then, uh, perhaps this will help to untie them. Twenty-five thousand dollars, US.

(K tosses the envelope with the money on the desk in front of the Dr.)


K: Now, it seems to me, Doctor, that you have a procedural choice to make. Forget your impeccable paperwork, hmmm? I give you $25,000, you give me Kaspari. Or you keep Kaspari and you lose... everything. {rather menacing, here}(S is playing a little tune on a wooden flute-type instrument he'd been carving.)


(The doctor puts the envelope with the money in his pocket.)

Dr.: This way, gentlemen.


Scene: S, M & K walking down the hall to Kaspari's cell with the doctor.

Dr.: But, today we are more humane.


inmate: He's here! The doctor is here! It's you!

(this doesn't make a lot of sense, but there is a lot of background noise and the words are hard to make out)

Dr.: Pay no attention. He's harmless. He's been saying that for 30 years.

K: One day he may be right.

Dr.: And one day Romania will be a super power.

(S runs a hand gently over the inmate's head as he passes)


Dr.: I don't know what you want with Kaspari, but this one is better off dead.

M: Very humane.


Scene: In Kaspari's cell, Caspian is strangling the doctor. M turns and walks out of the shot.

Dr.: (choking) Get him off me, please!

K: Why?


(M walks around K to the back of the cell. He's got a disgusted look on his face. He takes a step and is about to crush a cockroach.)

Cs: Stop! (He picks up the roach.) They are better alive.

M: Bon appetit.

(K pulls Cs to his feet.)

K: Come, Caspian. I have bigger game for you outside.

(K, S, & Cs leave the cell. M pauses and drops the matchbook before he leaves the cell.)


(Continues with the outside shot of the sub base.)


Scene: In the sub base. M is reading, Cs & S are arguing.

Cs: Where have you been for the last 2,000 years, idiot?


Cs: Living in the woods? And now you think we can just mount up and gallop down for {mumble! I can't make this out.}

S: We can do whatever we please.


Cs: Right, 4 guys on horseback with wild masks. They'll think we're in a circus.

S: They won't think it for long.


Scene: D has met M at the church, had their little 'chat' and M has his Bronze Age flashback.

(The 4 horsemen ride into camp from a raid with slaves.)

K: Another day well spent, Methos.

(M dismounts)

K: Come, let's celebrate and divide up our bounty.

M: You can have my share. I'm tired.

(K gets a very thoughtful look on his face. S leads the woman past.)


(M ties his horse to a rail and walks away. K watches with the same thoughful look on his face.)


(C pours M a drink and he enters the tent and takes it from her.)


Scene: M & D in the church graveyard after the fb ends.

M: And if you want Cassandra to live, you'll get her as far away from here as you can.

D: Wha {love that Scottish accent}, and let Kronos go?


M: You don't have a choice, MacLeod. You can't stop him! *I* can't stop him! Nobody can!

D: You have 4 guys on horseback who are gonna rule the world. (derisively)

M: The world doesn't change. Not in 500 years, not in 5,000. It's only the details that change. Kronos didn't torch those villages for a few coins. He torched them to watch them _burn_!

M: And now he'll have a, a nuclear bomb, or a planeload of napalm but the effect will be the same. The world, living in fear of the horsemen.

D: And you expect me just let that happen?!


D: You should know me better than that.

M: I came to warn you.


Scene: Ca at the hotel room, K, Cs, & S arrive.


Ca: Duncan, what took you so long?

(Ca goes to the door, opens it and realizes it's the 3 horsemen. She tries to close the door, but S prevents it.)

K: I'm afraid Duncan's otherwise engaged.

(The horsemen enter the room and S closes the door.)

K: Am I wrong? Don't I owe you something? Too bad you didn't know you had to take my head to kill me.

Ca: I'll take it now!

(She lunges for her sword which is by the bed, but Cs gets to it first. K pulls out the Bronze Age dagger she stabbed him with.)

K: I've waited a long time to give this back to you.

{apparently Ca is not the only one who carries a grudge for a LONG time!}

(K moves toward Ca with the dagger, she whimpers, and we see S with a goofy grin on his face. Continues with D at the fountain.)


Scene: M arrives back at the sub base after his meeting with D.

K: Your bomb didn't go off. Not much of a plan, was it?

M: Well, I'll think of better.


K: I'm sure you will, otherwise I'm going to have to improvise.


K: By the way, where were you?


Scene: K & M standing above Ca's cage.

M: Well, then we should prepare for MacLeod to come here.

K: Already thought of that.

M: Did you send Caspian or Silas?

K: (grinning) Both!


(K walks away and M closes his eyes in pain, then looks over his shoulder at K. Continues with D on the street where S & Cs ambush him. The chase is longer and the fight itself is longer. Fade to black.)


Scene: M is talking to Ca through the cage mesh.

M: And you can forget about MacLeod. MacLeod is dead.

(M walks away, C has a shocked, dazed look on her face.)


(Scene switches to D walking down a street in the early evening. D walks over to a man closing a shop.)

D: Ah, Monsieur.

Man: Oui?

D: If I wanted to report {the word is hard to make out} a hundred monkeys, who would I talk to?

Man: Oh, this is a pet shop, m'sieur, not a circus.


(Switches back to K with Cs' sword.)


Scene: M & K heading for the stairs.


D: The 3 horsemen of the apocalypse. Doesn't have the same ring, now does it, Kronos? What are you going to do now?

K: You're not going to be around long enough to find out.

D: Oh, we'll see about that.

(D pulls the katana)

K: Think of Cassandra! Lay down your sword, and she lives. Fight, and win...or lose, she dies. Come on, MacLeod! Your life for hers. What do you say?

D: I think she'd rather be dead.


K: Your call.

D: (to M) You set me up.

(M tilts his head in a 'you think so?' kind of gesture)


K: (to M) Tell Silas to finish her. And let her know it was MacLeod's decision.

D: Methos! Don't do this!

M: Like you said, I go with the winner.


Scene: M sobbing and Ca walking up the stairs to leave.

(The camera pulls back for longer before the shot fades to black. You can hear M sobbing the entire time.)