With a Gun, a Whip, on a Horse,

How Cool can Anthony De Longis Get?

Posted by Bright Girl on Monday, 18 May 1998

BEYOND Cool, my friends, totally beyond ...

After watching the last episode of Highlander last Saturday, I was so in the mood of not getting sentimental over it, though that was easier said than done. Sunday rolled in and Methos Watcher and I were off to see Anthony De Longis, who was making an appearance at Victorville, CA - about an hour and a half away from where MW lived. I was delivered to MW's doorstep at about 6:40 am.

We left at 7 am for the Roy Rogers Museum Shoot that was to begin at 9 am.

Getting there was fun. We listened to a bunch of tapes and of course, "A Kind of Magic," was one of them. We blasted "Princes of the Universe," and skipped "Who wants to live Forever." We were in the wrong time and place to start bawling in tears.

Needless to say, the shoot was AWESOME. It was had much friendlier atmosphere compared to last April's End of Trail. We got to talk to Anthony a couple of times. I made a fool out of myself, as usual *grins*.

We stared and drooled for a what seemed like eternity before we got up the nerve to approach Mr. De Longis. We then realized how much we missed Godiva and Riot at that moment. It was hard for us to just walk up to him and say 'Hi' but we managed to do so anyway. No guts no glory.

I mumbled, I stumbled on my words but finally a croaked "Hi, we just wanted to say Hi and we were at Anaheim last ..." Thank God he cut in and said, "I signed your jacket at the con." And I said, "Yes." We didn't get the chance to tell him then that we were also at "End of Trail." But he did say before he left, "Don't leave without saying goodbye." And Yes OH Yes, we won't.

There was no itinerary we could consult so we just let things happen. Anthony told us that we missed the first stage but that there were three more stages. So, we scouted the area and looked for a good position to take pictures.

Okay, okay, so you're still wondering, "How Cool exactly is Anthony?"

When we were settled in our spot, he came over, atop Hollywood, his horse, and told us where we can get better shots. But we told him that we'll go there during the next stage and he trotted off. So MW and I were like, "He is soooo cool!" A couple of minutes later, he's back! He motioned for me to come over and said, "Take a picture of us." So I gave my camera to MW. He took my left hand and was holding it the whole time. Then MW and I switched. He also held MW's hand. And squeezed it, too. I don't remember if he did mine, I was too happy to care. Before he went off, I yelled out, "You are so cool." And he replied, "I try my best."

Then it was his turn to shoot them white and red balloons swaying in the wind. Missed one but we were 'WOHOOing' all the way for him. To our amazement though, he took his bull whip and showed off his talents while still on his horse. Was the only one who did that ... well, they don't call him "Whip Snake," for nothing = ) On to the next stage. MW and I went to the spot he suggested we go. And it was a great spot, near the announcer so we heard every word. His car was parked near the trailer where the whole announcing thing was going on. He drives a shiny though dusty (but the dust adds character), dark blue Saturn. I restrained myself from memorizing his plate number.

When it was his turn, Hollywood pranced in front of us and we got some nice shots thanks to Anthony of course who was loving every minute he was on that horse, and he beamed with confidence.

Third stage was up next and we positioned ourselves far across from the announcing table. We can't hear anything really. The format was, the rider will come charging his way towards us then turn on a barrel to shoot some balloons on his left side then back to the barrel then on to the balloons on his right side then back to the center barrel and finally head home away from us. Just imagine the dust we had to put up with and we weren't the only ones who took note of that. When the third stage was over, MW and I went moseyed our way to where Anthony would be, by the trailer. When we got there, we met a friend of his and she told us that the announcer was talking about us. His words were supposedly, "Look at them ladies back there, they'll be covered in dust after this." Well, anything for a great shots!

And Anthony hoped that we do get some good shots of him.

After that, there were some other extra competition and we watched. Then we saw him packing up, storing stuff in his trunk, so we went up to him to ask if he was leaving. Not yet, after the awards he said. I asked him if we can finish our film on him and he said yes but not while he's just standing around by his car. He was going to give a bull whip lesson to a woman later and we can take shots of that. So we said okay.

The award ceremony was in a tent and when we got there, there weren't seats left. We stood. Then Anthony came with two folding chairs, "Here ya go,ladies." THUNK. He won an award, first place, can't remember what event though. He left before it was over to give those bull whip lessons. MW and I went to see him after the awards, which were over in a few minutes.

More photos were shot, then we had to leave. At MW's car, we remembered to get the photos we have with him at the con signed. I somehow got all yellowed but MW got me through it. He was so nice!

A big YOWZAH to Anthony, it was great meeting him again.

You'll prolly get more info from MW's report, if I missed some stuff.



P.S. -- Link to my photos below

Whip Snake at Roy Rogers Museum Shoot


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