StarWatcher's Scones

Posted by StarWatcher on Monday, 27 December 1999, at 7:14 p.m.



6 Tbsp (3 oz) butter,

2 cups *self-rising* flour,

1/2 tsp salt,

2 Tbsp sugar,

1 cup half'n'half.

1/2 cup fruit (currents are traditional, raisins are ok) - optional.


Method. Sift dry ingredients together. Use knife to cut butter into small chunks into the flour mixture. Then, using fingertips, rub butter and flour mix together until evenly mixed and it resembles bread crumbs. If desired, add fruit at end of this step.

(Note -- sounds tedious, but believe me, no other method works. I've tried fork, beaters, whisk -- forget it.)

Make hole in center of ingredients, gradually add half'n'half, mix with fork to form dough. Turn out, knead until smooth. Roll out about 1/2 inch thick, cut out circles. Bake about 420 degrees for about 15 minutes. (Ovens vary - you may have to adjust.) I find they cook better if flipped over half-way through the time. Serve with butter, jam, or cream.

Makes about 20 scones. You can make them with regular milk and margarine, and they'll be good, but the real butter and half'n'half makes them *much* better. Also, you can take it to the "bread crumb" point, save in fridge overnight, add half'n'half in the morning and bake up fresh.


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