From: Lane

Half and half?...buttermilk or soured milk is more usual, closer to 1/4 pt (5 floz) is usually added for 1/2lb of flour, but no eggs. Also, I don't know about this recipe since it's quite different, but if you leave out the sugar and add grated cheddar cheese instead of currants (or raisins or sultanas)...mmm..yummy savory snack!

I can never resist checking out a new recipe variation, so I'm going to make them tomorrow (my hubby will be delighted!). The absolute traditional recipe is much more basic:


8oz plain flour

pinch salt

1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

2 level teaspoons cream of tartar

1 1/2 oz butter or lard or hard margarine

1 1/2 oz sugar (preferably castor sugar)

1/4 pt milk or soured milk or soured double cream or

soured clotted cream

( can use a beaten egg made up to 1/4 pt also )

Sift first 4 ingredients together, rub in fat to breadcrumb texture, mix ins should be added at this point. Make a well in the center and pour in milk. Cut together with a knife until a soft-not-sticky dough is formed. Knead 3 times on a floured board to smooth underside, turn upside down and press to thickness exceeding 1/2 inch. Dust tops generously with flour before baking. bake 425F for 10-12 min

*Never roll, and always have the oven at temperature*

Pretty similar...yours sound "richer" though! All measurements are English for the liquids (20 oz =1pt).

As for cream teas...oh my....closest thing to heaven....and clotted cream, ahhhhhh... homemade strawberry jam spread over first, then a big globby teaspoon of cream on top, the whole about 3 inches high, and impossible to bite without smushing your nose....oh blisss...*So now I'm REALLY homesick*!!!!

Hope you like them . You could always whip some cream for them, altho' clotted cream is more like butter it'll give an idea of what it's like. China tea is a must with them, also!!!


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