Psyche's Scottish Cock-A-Leekie Soup



3-4 lbs Chicken

1 1/2 quarts chicken or vegetable (or combo) stock - canned

2 cups dry white wine

1 quart water

1 lb yellow onions, including skins (about 3 med) cut into 8ths

2 carrots, cut into 3rds

2 celery ribs, cut into 3rds

2 garlic cloves, pressed

Bouquet garni in cheesecloth-

3 sprigs fresh thyme

3 springs fresh parsley

5 black peppercorns

1 bay leaf

Place all ingredients into a large stock pot. Bring to a boil; partially cover and simmer for one hour. Remove chicken to cool; discard skins and bones, and shred chicken, set aside. Strain stock through cheesecloth or colander, discarding last inch of liquid.




2-3 medium size leeks, cut in half lengthwise and cut into 1/2" pieces widthwise, white & tender green only.

2 TBSP butter

2/3 cup pearl barley


Shredded Chicken

12-20 pitted prunes


In soup pot, melt butter. Add leeks, saute until translucent & tender, about 12 minutes. Add pearl barley and saute another 3 minutes. Add Chicken Stock; bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add prunes & chicken; simmer until barley is tender, about 15 minutes. 

Serve with simple green salad, sourdough, and a nice oaky chardonnay!


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