Good Morning,

Last night at dinner I heard a peculiar sound. I looked down and saw Molly industriously licking my boot. I view this as a job application. Since she cannot write, I will submit the written form for her. Talk to you soon. -Joe Blues

I, Molly the Dog, do hereby and forthwith grovel into the presence of Leather Lad and the Kommandant, flip over on my back with my legs in the air, and humbly submit myself and my application to Them for the position of beta bootlicker's bootlicker.

Thank you for your consideration of this application.

Humbly and submissively yours,

Molly the Dog


One fine day not so long ago, Molly the Dog received a postcard from England. Not sure who it was from, her Mommy let it sit. When her Daddy saw it, he explained it was from Molly's friend Leather Lad and Molly's parents read the postcard to her. "Arf, arf," they said. "Arrooo, arf!" Throughout the reading Molly showed a level of attendance that made it clear she understood exactly what Leather Lad had written to her. In fact, about half way through the reading, Molly began to smile. Her smile grew and grew as her parents continued to read. Molly enjoyed her postcard from England very much. She enjoyed it so much and was so proud of it, that she wanted to show it off to all the customers who came to visit her at her Mommy and Daddy's store. So her Daddy taped the postcard onto the counter right behind Molly's bed on the sales floor. Now all the customers get to read Molly's postcard. Sometimes they read it aloud, and Molly smiles again. This makes her parents very happy. The End.

Both my computer and Marco's are on a long, sideboard sort of trestle table in our dining room. This evening Marco's computer was on while we ate dinner. After a while his screen saver started. He had on one called Flying Windows. It is a whole spray of Microsoft Windows logos in various colors that are made to look as if they are all flying towards the screen from a distance. Only once has Molly ever paid attention to the computers. I had some sound file playing with a dog barking and she briefly pricked her ears. So there we were at dinner with Molly at Marco's elbow, attentive for any dropped food. Suddenly Marco says, "What the...." as he notices the growing volume of a deep growl from Molly. She is staring at the Flying Windows and growling as the hackles rise on her neck. Marco looks at us and says, "Gee, she must have owned a Mac in her previous life." Dinner ended as we were overwhelmed with laughter. -Joe Blues

The End



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