Korrespondance from the Kompound II 

Posted by Godiva-Koncubine on Friday, 10 April 1998, at 11:07 p.m.


Reports from the author's talk. F. Braun was still on the freeway and didn't make it unfortunatey. But present were Donna Lettow, Gillian Horvath, Ginjer Buchannan, Jennifer Roberson, Maureen Russell. 

First, the updated Watcher CD will cover seasons 1-6 so you won't need two CD's. So don't buy the first Watcher CD. The updated CD will be a freebiewith the season five tapes and will be ready in Sept/Oct. So they might take your order for season five tapes in June, but they won't ship until the Watcher CD is ready.

BUY MORE BOOKS (that's from Donna. That's the only way there will continue to be more books, buy books, buy more books, lots and lots of books.)

How do they chose the books? Warner Books- reads ideas and outlines and then presents what they recommend to Davis/Panzer. No more contracts are being signed for future books at present. There are four more books coming out. 

New book: Highlander: the Complete Watcher's Guide by Maureen Russell. Warner Books, available to order August 1998. It has 150 photos. Will havesome storyboards by Mark Godstein, from Comes a Horseman, the scene with them riding down the hill. 

She interviewed AP,PW,SK,JB,VP,Peter Hudson, Anthony de Longis and some of the crew. She was on the set during Unusual Suspects and interviewed Roger Daltry (hilarious reading of that part) and Justice. Also went to Vancouver to talk with post production, like Sparky, who draws the lightening for the quickenings nd F. Braun. The reason Anthony de Longis is in the book is because when F.Braun and Adrian were asked what they thought the best sword fight was they both said "Duende". Actually Adrian said anything withAnthony de Longis. 

The book was actually too big and had to be cut down. But there is talk of a special Collector's edition with 50 extra photos (already chosen) and more text (already written). Gillian said "Oh, boy. A book with 'eurominutes'. That got big laugh. If you want the collector's edition to happen you need to contact Bill Panzer and ask for it. 


When asked how she got started Jennifer said she, and Donna and Gillian all started by writing Fanfic. Jennifer wrote her first novel at age 14 but didn't sell until her 5th novel 15 years later. 

Gillian says they aren't not looking for 'episodes' when they look for books. First an episode is more like short story. They waited four years for someone to present an "amanda" story. They are very piccy about the Duncan books because basically there isn't much left to tell. 

Gillian and Donna are doing a book which is an anthology of Highlander stories written by cast and crew. No contracts have been signed so no names could be named, but they said there will be stories from everyone we would want. F. Braun has already handed his in. So far there are no Duncan stories. But there are Methos. In fact she said if she got one more Methos story she would have to change the name of the book. (Peter didn't write any of them.) 

So far they want about a dozen stories. They have interest from everyone. They are letting them say anything they want in the stories because, unlike the books, they don't have to conform to the 'facts'. But if they get outrgeous they might point out to the that the fans know this didn't happen and you will look silly. 

Gillian said, One more alternative universe, what's one more? We're rife with them.

If the contracts were signed this weekend the book would be out in Fall of 1999. 

There is a proposal to invite well known *real* authors to write stories for a highlander anthology, but in order to know if there is an interest we must BUY MORE BOOKS. Buy them for your friends. 

Next book: Neason's "Shadows of Obsession" on sale May 1998. Duncan in it but mostly Darious & Grayson. 

Sherman "Captive Soul" On sale August 1998 Methos is in it. It is pre-horseman and deals with him becoming a freedom-fighter in 1600b.c. Hyksos era. This is now canon. 

She says Cassandra wasn't at the end of the horseman's time together. And she says the horsemen were together for about a thousand years. And that youshouldn't be so literal about dates. When Kronos says 2,000 years ago it could be 2200, 2300. 

Russell's new book (didn't get title) goes on sale August 1998 

Ginjer Buchanan "White Silence" (about the Klondike goldrush and it has Fitz) on sale Feb. 1999 

Donna's book "Barricades" take place in the 1968 Paris and he flashes back to 1848 Paris and the barricadess in the same streets. Darius is in it. 

Gillian was wearing a button that said "I killed Richie. I liked Richie." 



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Korrespondance from the Kompound Annex West

Posted by Godiva-jolly on the spot....and naked, ask anyone on Friday, 10 April 1998, at 12:46 p.m.


Your intrepid reporter has spotted numerous doppleganger activity in the area surrounding Mouse-land.

And large edifice providing temporary houseing for transient forumlanders has been the hub of celebration. T-shirts and buttons abound.

This naked person has been inundated with T-shirts and skate keys.

And that very nice doppleganger-actor fellow showed up.

A prominant british journalist so far elusive to the camera has been spotted and the chase is on.

The T-bird is waxed and the canoe is quite stable in dry dock on the second floor. Everything is running a bit late, but lines are not too bad....yet.

In addition to the autograph drawing there is a raffle for dinner with the talent Fri. night at 8. Since none of us are really planning on winning anyway there will be a special screening of "Indescretions" in the Kompound Annex-West at 8:30 p.m. immediately followed by "Rowing With the Wind."

Weather is wonderful. And whoever told me to take Katella because of construction got it backwards. That's where the construction is. It took me 25 m in. to drive three blocks. Thank you.

Life is good. P&B sandwiches and like contrabrand successfully smuggled into the Kompound.

No sign of ol' big nose yet, but reports are he is present and accounted for. Have not spotted kiltboy.



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Koncert notes 

Posted by Godiva- already ready for bed on Sunday, 12 April 1998, at 2:02 a.m.


The band was awesome. Some cuts from "That River" and some other stuff. Roger sang two songs. First was "Stand By Me" and second an old blues standard I didn't catch the name of. The band played for two hours. Everyone danced from the first number on. Jim seemed pleased and enjoying himself. 

I taught John Mosby the foxtrot. And someone has the pictures to prove it. 

Andwe have coasters and napkins with "Joe's" printed on them. 


BTW at the Q&A today Jim said that he is re-releasing his two previous (out of print) albums "Burn" and "I Turned My Nights Into Days" and they should be availble for purchase in about a month. Cheers. 



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 That's quite alright. Valentine couldn't spell Koncubine either.

Posted by Godiva -(You really won't believe this, dear) on Monday, 13 April 1998, at 11:46 p.m.


but I fixed it. He was signing in the dealer's room first thing Friday.

Got him to sign the Leather Lad pic with: 

"To my Koncubine, Godiva 

From your Leather Lad, K."


He looked at the piece of paper I had it written on. Looked thoughtful and then copied it down. He asked "Does she just want K?" I said "yes" and he did it and handed it back. 

Piece of cake. 

BTW, the bio for Valentine that's in the Official Highlander Convention Program? It was from the Chronciles program (except they didn't even steal it well, left off the last word "Hearbeat") And you know who wrote that? John Mosby. And it's mostly what I wrote for the Kompound, which he used and tweeked a bit with my permission. 

And since I won the Valentine autograph and had nothing left for him to sign, I had him sign the bio I wrote that's in the program. Poetic, no? 

And Anthony de Longis, Peter Hudson and Miles Ferguson signed the program as well, as they agreed to sign for anyone that won autographs with anyone in that room. They were all wonderful, gracious men who deserve our support.

Yes, even Miles.

The thing that surprised me the most at the Highlander Convention..............more memories text

Posted by Gemma MacWench, what a fickle wench I am on Sunday, 26 April 1998, at 5:52 p.m.


Flashback: (insert big silly grin here) 

On the first day of the convention Valentine Pelka and Peter Hudson are signing autographs in the dealers room. At first I'm not anxious to get in line for an autograph from two of the baddest bad guys of the series so I move on. 

Later I hear that they are coming back for autographs and the line is out the door and across the 2nd floor lobby. Big deal it's just Kronos and Horton. Then I find out I can still go into the dealers room to shop so I go in ahead of the crowd. I passed the autograph table and when I get on the other side away from the line I find myself in a good place to take a few pictures of Valentine and Peter signing autographs. What handsome men they are and so kind to their fans but Kronos umm Valentine surprised me the most. While Peter looked exactly like he does on television (without the evil eyes) Valentine looked to be a very gentle, low key , almost shy person with the kindest face and little glasses that made him look very distinguished. So I got in line for an autograph. 

Easter Sunday morning Hilndrlvr, Jim and T-bird and I went to mass at a nearby Catholic church. During mass Hilndrlvr whispers, "Valentine's here". Well I must be deaf so I ask her to repeat and right after Valentine walked right by us. Boy that put a whole different spin on Kronos for me. (okay I know he's not *really* Kronos) 

Back to the hotel and I can't wait to get to my room to get camera and autograph materials for the day so I head straight to the elevators. I'm

waiting with everyone else and glance behind me to see which elevator is lighting up and Valentine is standing right next to me. Now how did he sneak up without a sound standing there so inconspicuouly and unassuming? The elevator door opens behind Valentine and I and we all get in to the ride to our floors. Some of the people on the elevator began talking about the fan club parties the night before and how they ended late. Valentine said he went to bed early------3:00am. I guess no one else went to bed that night. 

I don't mean to make Valentine sound like "Walter Mitty" by describing him as shy and unassuming for "Walter Mitty" he is not. He is a very attractive man and very much a "gentleman". As evil as Kronos was that's how sweet this man seems in person which attests to his good acting skills and as he demonstrated in the Bad Guys panel when Big John asked him to address him as Kronos and he slipped so easily and chillingly into character. ("You'll never know who's coming for you next".) I really liked Valentine Pelka a lot and that surprised me. I didn't expect it. I'll be looking for him in other things from now on. 

Peace, Gemma Mac 



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* My Valentine Pelka moments at the con . . . (more)

Biker Babe MacFru -- Sunday, 26 April 1998, at 7:21 p.m.

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Big John -- Sunday, 26 April 1998, at 8:02 p.m.

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 Pelka Polka for everybody ...

Posted by Big John on Sunday, 26 April 1998, at 7:54 p.m.,

in response to The thing that surprised me the most at the Highlander Convention..............more memories text, posted by Gemma MacWench, what a fickle wench I am on Sunday, 26 April 1998, at 5:52 p.m.


... because the guy is fantastic.

When he and Peter Hudson were signing autographs in the dealer's room, the line at first was HUGE. I thought, no, if I stand in line forever just to get an autograph I'll miss other things that are going on. So I thought, well, I'll pass. So I'm walking around the dealer's room, looking at stuff, nearly had some ribs cracked by Elbow Lady at the PEACE table, and as I was wandering back around to another table, Astrochick and the Clan Denial flagged me down, and AC let me jump in front of her to take some pictures of Valentine and Peter. (The pictures didn't turn out at all, but thanks anyway, AC! Horton rules!) I was so impressed by their generosity with the fans that I thought, OK, that settles it, I'm getting in line. So I went back and stood in line by this woman who looked sooooo much like Season One Tessa with the long curly hair.

 As I was standing there waiting to get the pictures, I was a little bit behind Peter and Valentine's table. Valentine turned around to say something to his assistant and he looked right at me with his eyes down just a little bit ... it was Kronos Eye! (MacKinney has a similar story! He does this thing with his eyes sometimes that's equally beautiful and cool and a little scary in a delightfully charming way!) Finally I got around to them. Valentine was first. I thanked him for his work on "Highlander" and I thanked him for coming to the convention. Told him how much we appreciated him coming to see us. He thanked me very warmly and he smiled. I told him my name was John and then I said, "Could you do me a favor?" He said, "What?" with a lopsided smile and a hint of curiosity in his voice. "Could you threaten me as Kronos?" His smile disappears ... eerie, people, I'm tellin' ya ... he lowers his head, gets this odd smirk across his face, and the eyes I can't even begin to explain. He WAS Kronos. "You'll never know who's coming for you next." Perfect. Right out of "Armageddon." He holds the face for a second and comes right out of it with a smile, laughing. I shook his hand, thanked him again, and then got Peter's autograph. Having wathced "Armageddon" this weekend, I have to say that I have infinite respect for these guys as actors. They are both very warm, very eloquent, and very thoughtful, honestly nice men. 

Saturday night I left the Jim Byrnes concert for a few minutes to get somefresh air. I walked around the corner to the room where they were showing "Revelation 6:8" on the big screen. Forever's husband, Pete, was there inthe hallway along with two hotel employees. We were standing outside of the room where they were showing "Revelation 6:8" and we started walking back toward the Jim concert when Valentine walks around the corner with a huge, million dollar smile on his face, sunglasses down on his nose so that he's looking out over them with his eyes, and he's got his arms stretched out to his side with his palms up in the air like he's greeting two old friends. Pete and I said hello and Valentine got this priceless look on his face. He looked up at me and said, "Do you know where the bathroom is? I can't find a bloody bathroom anywhere!" He was still smiling, and he had ... the ... Kronos Eye? ... thing going on and I was thinking, "I'm talking to Kronos ... I'm talking to Kronos ... I'm TALLER than Kronos ..." so Pete and I flagged down one of the hotel employees who showed Valentine where the bathroom was. Pete and I were just standing around in the hallway and a minute later Valentine runs out of the bathroom, swerves as he's running so that he stops by me and Pete for a second, says, "Thanks! I'm running late!" and he disappears around the corner on his way to the JB concert. 

Hundreds of people were in the room watching "Revelation 6:8," and Pete and I were outside the door helping Valentine find a bathroom! 

Valentine is NOT Kronos. He's a gentleman, very warm and very gracious. 

He threatened me and later asked where a bathroom was ... I'd say that's the full Kronos Experience! 






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